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Kjet, alias Kalle Id, alias me, alias that guy who reverted your edit, alias that guy who can't write "its" correctly half of the time. I'm a native of Helsinki, Finland and as of February 2009 I study history at the Helsinki University, with maritime history and asia-pacific studies as minor subjects. Apart from Wikipedia my interests include ships, public transport, architecture and music. I'm also an amateur photographer, musician and comics artist. In the past I've also dabbled with acting (both stage and film) as well as graphic design.

About me[edit]


To quite another wikipedian: "Why contribute to Wikipedia? Because it's there" (if this was from your userpage, drop me a note and I'll properly credit you). In ansver a related question I've been asked, "why contribute to the english-language wikipedia [even though you're Finnish]?", I have to say that it's a matter of finding information. When looking for information on various things on the internet, I've repeatedly been foiled by the language barrier; the information exists, but in a language I can understand. If I write an article in the Finnish wikipedia, about 5 million people can read it. If I write an article here, 1.8 billion people can read it—as can most of the people who would have read the article from the Finnish wikipedia.

My very first edit to Wikipedia was the article on Hill (constructor), created in 2005 under a different username. I returned to Wikipedia in June 2006, under this username (having forgotten the password of the original), to contribute to GTS Finnjet, and subsequently found out this place allowed me to combine two of my greatest passions: learning about things and sharing that information, without having to go through the process of creating a website of my own (which I had in fact done in the past). So the list of articles I had contributed to—mostly about ships—grew and grew some more. At some point I joined WikiProject Ships. By May 2008 There was a huge watchlist for me to follow, and my Wikipedia experience mostly consisted of patrolling recent changes and not actually contributing any new material. In other words, it was no longer fun. So on 11 May 2008 I left.

And on 11 June 2008 I returned. Much of the old watchlist went, and with recharged batteries I started contributing again. Around this time I had rediscovered an old passion of mine and now found myself contributing to articles on trams. During the subsequent year or so I was doing quite a lot of research into ships and seafaring as a part of my university studies. After doing "real" research into ships I found my interest in contributing to Wikipedia articles on the subject waning rapidly. In April 2009 I ended up removing the majority of ships articles from my watchlist as I had ceased even looking at the changes made to most of them.

Travels and life[edit]

Lived in: Finland European Union
Spent 7 days or more in: Spain (Canary Islands) Sweden Italy Portugal (Madeira) Germany Malta
Visited for 1 to 6 days: Denmark (Faroe Islands) West Germany East Germany Estonia Poland Romania Croatia Czech Republic Iceland
Visited for up to 24 hours/passed through: Vatican City Russia Åland Islands Latvia Norway Morocco Slovakia Hungary Slovenia Austria Netherlands Tunisia Monaco
Hoping to visit: France United Kingdom (England Scotland) Republic of Ireland United States (New York (state) Florida United States Virgin Islands) Antigua and Barbuda Saint Lucia Barbados Grenada Netherlands Antilles
Idea and layout stolen from: Errabee via Sebastiankessel via White Cat via Guettarda via Ëzhiki via Petri Krohn


Articles created by me and/or feature major contributions from me.

Ships and seafaring[edit]

Rail transport[edit]


Other stuff[edit]

Additionally, while I did not contribute any actual material to the article on CP Ships (nor on most of the articles on various individual ships of the company), User:Tenmei has kindly let me known that my comments and suggestions helped significantly in his work on improving the article(s) in question.

Photo gallery[edit]

Some of my own favourite photographs that I have taken and subsequently donated to the Wikimedia Commons. Due to repeated incidents where picture I donated to the commons have been reproduced in media without properly crediting me as the author, I have decided to stop contributing new photographs to the Commons and related Wiki projects.

To-do list[edit]

Articles I've been meaning to create or improve, but just haven't gotten around to it (list mostly for my own benefit, but feel free to make my life easier):

Work in process[edit]

Articles I've started working on but have not yet finished. Again, feel free to make my life easier:

Self-glorification (Barnstars etc.)[edit]

Patina Barnstar with Helm.png WikiProject Ships Barnstar
In recognition of your work on an issue that I brought to light, I hereby award you this. Keep up the good work! -MBK004 17:20, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

Usefull stuff I never find when I need it[edit]

Editing help[edit]

Hobbies etc[edit]

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