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The Signpost
27 February 2017


Welcome to my user page. I currently edit a bit once or twice a week. You may leave messages for me if you wish, but I may be unable to respond quickly because of my sporadic editing and for other reasons that I do not want to share here. I am sorry for any inconvenience. If you wish to use one of my pictures outside of Wikipedia, please email me. I will try to respond quickly, but cannot make any promises. If I do not get back to you in a week, you have my permission to use the picture, as long as you give attribution (use my real name if I email it to you, if not, use my username).

My logs: Kjkolb (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA)

I'm male, so you'll know which pronouns and adjectives to use. I usually edit in the evening and late night in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, which is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. However, I may not edit for several days sometimes. I've been contributing to Wikipedia for a while, but I only signed up in September 2004. I have also created 180 original articles, 180 articles based upon public domain content and uploaded 21 of my own images to Wikimedia Commons.

My main interests are energy related, such as renewable energy, geothermal power, hydroelectricity, solar power and wind power. I have traveled throughout California to visit these types of power plants. I am particularly familiar with the wind turbines and solar thermal electric power plants along California State Highway 58.

My biggest single contribution on a single article is probably the Reservoirs and dams in California list. It was started by ChrisRuvolo and I added about a hundred more dams. For multiple articles, my largest contribution has been articles on rivers, lakes and dams in California.

I've been wikifying a lot of articles as well. It's somewhat frustrating however, as many of the articles in Category:Articles that need to be wikified are either non-notable, copyright violations or very poorly written. I've nominated some of the worst for deletion. I hate to see truly bad articles kept because it reflects poorly on Wikipedia, and they are a waste of an editor's time.

I wouldn't say that I'm an inclusionist or deletionist. Wikipedia can cover topics of minor notability because it does not have the space limitations of print encyclopedias, however, trivial topics are a waste of time. They are a waste not just for the creators of the articles, but also for those who have to clean them up, wikify them, categorize them and periodically update them. On the other hand, I think it is sometimes a mistake to delete articles that are currently just definitions, if the term is not widely understood and is used in other Wikipedia articles.

More recently, I've been working on WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles, especially the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica and science articles. I always try to update the 1911 articles as much as possible and if I can't verify if something is still accurate, I remove it rather than have incorrect information in the article. One of the hardest things has been finding current populations for the articles on small foreign cities. Some of the other editors have been posting the articles without any updating at all, and a few don't even check the spelling, which is really terrible in most articles because of the poor scanning of the original. I tried to get a very small portion of the articles not to be included because they are hopelessly out of date, obsolete or racist. However, the other editors, the ones who responded at least, don't seem to agree. Hopefully, they'll be cleaned up or deleted later. I've also been working on the Weisstein science encyclopedias. I went through them manually since the lists were removed for copyright reasons. I wrote some articles, made a large number of redirects and moved a few articles to their correct location. This substantially reduced the number of "missing" articles. I don't think I'll be writing many more articles from Weisstein because most of the remaining topics are very technical. I have a list of 12,000 science terms, many of which don't have articles on Wikipedia yet, so I may work on that. I have the definitions to the terms as well, but most of them are copyrighted and will have to be rewritten. I've now uploaded a list with only the missing articles here.

Even more recently, I'm still working on missing articles, but now I'm using my own list. It took a lot of work to compile the list and a huge amount of work to delete the inappropriate entries and make most of the obvious redirects to existing articles. I've been writing articles as I've gone along, and that is the major work left to be done.

Yet more recently, I've been working on a variety of things. I have been writing articles, though many are not from my list. I have also been wikifying and cleaning up a lot of articles, so I have also been posting at Copyright Problems. My participation at the Village Pump has increased, but I do not check Articles for Deletion as frequently.

I have no political or religious affiliations and I don't usually edit controversial articles, except for wikifying, because they tend to be outside of my interests. However, I have edited controversial topics concerning energy and technology, such as articles related to renewable energy and nuclear power. I strongly believe that Wikipedia should be as neutral as possible. Also, an editor should not confuse neutral point of view with what he or she thinks is the correct point of view.


Working Man's Barnstar, given by BorgQueen
A Barnstar! I give this barnstar to Kjkolb for his
swift and tireless work on wikification
- Haukur Þorgeirsson.
A Barnstar!
The Defender of the Wiki Barnstar

Awarded to Yanksox, Tyrenius and Kjkolb for going above and beyond the call of Wikipedia duty for exposing the Satchel Cohen hoaxer.  Netsnipe  (Talk)  14:12, 3 July 2006 (UTC)


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I agree to multi-license my text contributions, unless otherwise stated, under Wikipedia's copyright terms and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license version 1.0 and version 2.0. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under the Creative Commons terms, please check the CC dual-license and Multi-licensing guides.

My contributions can be used according to the terms above, except for user and talk pages. -- Kjkolb 13:39, 10 October 2005 (UTC)


I am the user Kjkolb on Commons, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikispecies, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Wikiquote and Meta.


I regularly contact network administrators and school officials to stop vandalism of Wikipedia. This message is to show that I have access to this account and that I am who I claim to be without having to do it over and over again. The edit that I added the preceding text can be found here. You can see at the top of the page that I am the one who made the edit, as well as the edit preceding it.


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