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Hello, I am Klassica, a technologist and open source enthusiast. I am an avid Wikipedia fan and supporter. I've done a little bit of editing, although mostly I've just spent many hundreds of hours learning new things. I studied computer science in Washington State and the University of California Irvine.

I am a Ruby programmer, and love playing with various languages, and open source projects. I like to think about society, economics, philosophy, and have intelligent conversations with friends or gatherings like tech or language meetups. I also am an avid lover of the outdoors, especially hiking, camping in the Cascades, Rockies, Catskills, or Adirondacks.

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I served as a volunteer teacher in Moscow, Russia from September 2005 to June 2006. I thought intermediate and advanced conversational English, as well as Geography, Phonetics, and International Music Appreciation.


Klahanie mean Outdoors, in Chinook. I love the outdoors, especially the mountains. I love anywhere green, I love rivers, lakes, and the sea. I also love the sun. Western Colorado is where I call home, and it is an incredibly beautiful place with no end of fun things to do outdoors.

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