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Welcome! We're so excited you're interested in helping us contribute to the history of women in the outdoor industry.

This page is for organizing Outdoor Women of Wikipedia events in collaboration with Wikipedia:Meetup/Boulder. Feel free to edit this page, add citations, and play around as much as you'd like in order to get the hang of editing.

Today, we're going to do a run-through with you of how to edit pages, add citations, and start new pages.

First, you'll want to set up a username for yourself. Once you've logged in, search for someone you know is underrepresented on Wikipedia.

You can learn a lot about editing wikipedia via the Wikipedia Adventure: "Learn to edit Wikipedia in under an hour!".'

You'll find many helpful tips, and other examples of "redlinks" for women to consider writing articles about, at Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red.

A few guidelines for adding or editing pages:

  • Bold the first time the person or organization is named.
  • Always cite your sources using reliable sources, such as newspaper articles, books, scientific journals, and more.
  • Having more than one author contribute to a draft before submitting it will increase the likelihood of publication.

Editing existing pages[edit]

Here are a few women whose pages need more information and citations (feel free to add and find others!):


If you have an image to add to a page, see Wikipedia:Uploading images. Note that you have to be really clear that the copyright status and licensing information of the image is good, or else it may well be quickly deleted.

Starting a new page[edit]

If you're interested in the challenge of starting a new page, it's best to start with a draft. To create a draft, search for "Draft: [Name of person you'd like to add]," and then click to create the page when that option is offered to you.

Here's a helpful guide to creating new pages: Wikipedia:Article wizard

Note also the advice on the standard order of sections of an article: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Layout

Here are some women who don't yet have pages:
  • Rue Mapp, founder of OutdoorAfro
  • Sally McCoy, former CEO of CamelBak
  • Teresa Baker, founder of African American National Parks Events
  • Leslie Hsu Oh, writer, photographer, Outdoor Literature editor of Panorama Journal of Intelligent Travel
  • Julie Ellison, first female editor of Climbing Magazine
  • Annelise Loevlie, CEO of Icelantic Skis
  • Ali Kenney, senior director of global supply chain and sustainability at Burton (I hear she’s really raised the bar for sustainability in the whole industry)
  • Ruth Dyar Mendenhall, mountaineer
  • Amy Roberts, executive director of the Outdoor Industry Association
  • Gina Bégin, founder of Outdoor Women's Alliance
  • Ambreen Tariq, founder of Brown People Camping
  • Sonya Iverson, slackliner
  • Liz Robbins
  • Kim Beekman
  • Shelma Jun
  • Skatistan, NPO that uses skateboarding to promote education for girls in Afghanistan and elsewhere
  • Johnie Gall of Dirtbag Darling
  • Niki Koubourlis, founder and CEO of Bold Betties
Here are some organizations that need pages:

What have you been working on? Add the links here![edit]

Let's all help add citations and additional information to the pages we've created. Having multiple authors work on the same page will help once we submit for review!