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In a Nutshell
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St. Louis, Missouri Area.
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Washington University in St. Louis

About Me[edit]

I was introduced to Wikipedia by a friend back in 2004, and I have been hooked ever since. When I started my job back in 2006, I told myself that if I wasn't going to be doing something work related, I would take the time to learn something, which was usually achieved through Wikipedia. I finally became a registered user to take the next logical step, to not only learn something, but to hopefully put that knowledge out into the world and make it accessable to others. I hope to get the hang of everything after a while and make some great contributions.

Long-term Project Goals[edit]

As I get more used to the syntax, I hope to start by updating the St. Louis neighborhood pages as much as I can, adding all the demographic information available through the census and hopefully pictures for as many as I can. I am still pretty new, so I wont attempt to be too ambitious for now.