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My name is Kent Norman. I have started to write a few articles in my areas of expertise: human/computer interaction, e-learning, and cognitive psychology. I am an associate professor at the University of Maryland, College Park and lead scientist of the Laboratory for Automation Psychology.

I teach all of my classes in an electronic classroom where we can do a lot of collaborative work and online searching for information. Needless to say we use Wikipedia a lot.

Spring Semester 2006, I am required all of my students to write and edit articles on Wikipedia rather than write term papers that end up in a file cabinet and are destroyed after seven years. The current list of articles is a follows:

Fall Semester 2007, students wrote and edited the following articles:

This semester (Spring 2012) I am teaching Introduction to Psychology (Cyberpsychology) and students will be required to watch and refine articles on psychology and technology.