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About me[edit]

Wikipedia help

Here is a list of the help/tutorial/policy/etc. pages that I have found useful (roughly in the order that I think they should be read as one goes from novice to experienced):

User pages

Here are some quick links to key pages in my user space:

Here are *all* the pages in my user space (this uses the "Special:PrefixIndex" template):

To-do list
  • Fix {{Article_resources}}
  • Work on SANT domain (new page)
  • See if we can't clean up articles on microRNA, siRNA, Trans-acting siRNA, etc., to be ruthlessly consistent on the definitions of these molecules.
  • Redirect Public_identifier to Formal_Public_Identifier -- waiting to see if I get any response to my talk page comment (9/1/2012).
  • Steal Mr. Stradivarius's menu box. It looks much nicer than the one I have now.
  • Add PubMedHealth link to {{Infobox disease}}; see Hand, foot and mouth disease.
  • Add MESH_mult to {{Infobox disease}}. See this comment on the talk page.
  • Improve {{PMC}}. Right now it only allows linking to article numbers, not article instances.
  • Investigate Dilberri's template filling tool mentioned in the docs for that template. It is supposed to generate a fully marked up citation from a PMC number, but the link is broken.
  • Improve {{PubMed}}. It looks pretty lame.
  • That template links to this citation template generator. How is it supposed to work?
  • Are there any tools that take as input a PMCID or PMID and generate a fully-marked up <ref>?
  • Infobox_disease template OMIM links now go to (see this discussion); but a lot of other templates are still linking to NCBI. For example, {{protein}}. These should be fixed. Find all the links to NCBI's OMIM site with this tool.
  • Fix {{protein}} RefSeq links to go to NCBI's RefSeq. Right now they go to UCSC.

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