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I'm a mathematician and I've been using Wikipedia since 2002/2003. Aside from occasional corrections or improvements I set up this account in 2007 to contribute missing articles as well. I can be found in the German wikipedia too:[1]

Helpful Bookmarks[edit]

Various Encyclopedias[edit]

Vollmer: Wörterbuch der Mythologie Encyclopedia Mythica Who's who in classical mythology (Google) Britain and the Americas Encarta (deutsch) Encarta (englisch)
Lateinische Rechtsregeln und Rechtssprichwörter Encyclopedia of Religions


Mathworld Encyclopedia of Mathematics Mathematisches Lexikon
PlanetMath OEIS Plouffe's inverter
MacTutor Cut the Knot ETC
Matroids Matheplanet FreeMath Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


dictionary of archaeology


Placenames of the world (Google Books) THE INLAND WATERS OF LATIN AMERICA (FAO) Rivers of North America (Google Books) River and Stream Ecosystems of the World:(Google Books)
Länderlexikon Orte weltweit (Geodaten) US Census Bureau National Historic Places (USA)
Atlas of Canada World Resources Institute weltweite Geographiedaten (world gazetteer) World Geography

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