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Sphinx Tiling[edit]

The graphics below might be described as a color coded periodic table of sphinx shapes. The sphinx tile neck position is identified by a red dot or circle.

Sphinx Tile Graph Paper.png

Mustang Island Causeway.png

Sphinx Neck Connected Diagrams T12 triangle.png

Myers tile with its 10 point symmetery is wrapped around a 6 point gear. Rhoades tile (2005) is retiled with dog bone pentahexes to form leaf clusters.

Time to Rake.png

Nebraska 1932.png
Order 10 sphinx tile.png
Order 15 Sphinx.png

Ships Ahoy Tiling.png
Sphinx Tile Shock Wave.png

Memphis Ducks.png

Sphinx Tile Acoustics.png
Ben Franklin Gout Cure Attempt.png

Pain Visually Expressed.png