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Rule, Britannia![edit]

The History of the British Isles from the Roman Empire to the Modern Age[edit]

British Isles
Prehistoric Britain
History of England
Roman Britain
Sub-Roman Britain
Kingdom of England
Economy of England in the Middle Ages
Anglo-Saxon England
House of Wessex
Alfred the Great
Edward the Elder
Ælfweard of Wessex
Edmund I
Edgar the Peaceful
Edward the Martyr
Æthelred the Unready
House of Knýtlinga
Sweyn Forkbeard
Edmund Ironside
Cnut the Great
Harold Harefoot
Edward the Confessor
Harold Godwinson
Edgar the Ætheling
Norman conquest of England
Battle of Hastings
House of Normandy
William the Conqueror
William II of England
Henry I of England
Stephen, King of England
Empress Matilda
Angevin Empire
Henry II of England
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Henry the Young King
Richard I of England
John, King of England
Louis VIII of France
House of Plantagenet
Henry III of England
Edward I of England
Edward II of England
Edward III of England
Richard II of England
House of Lancaster
Henry IV of England
Henry V of England
Henry VI of England
House of York
Wars of the Roses
Edward IV of England
Edward V of England
Richard III of England
Tudor dynasty
Henry VII of England
English Renaissance
Henry VIII of England
Catherine of Aragon
English Reformation
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleves
Catherine Howard
Catherine Parr
Edward VI of England
Lady Jane Grey
Mary I of England
Philip II of Spain
Elizabeth I of England
Jacobean era
House of Stuart
James VI and I
Gunpowder Plot
Charles I of England
English Civil War
Interregnum (England)
Commonwealth of England
Restoration (England)
Oliver Cromwell
Richard Cromwell
The Protectorate
Glorious Revolution
Popish Plot
Charles II of England
James II of England
House of Orange-Nassau
Mary II of England
William III of England
Anne, Queen of Great Britain
Acts of Union 1707
Demography of England
Culture of England
Church of England
Book of Common Prayer
Morris dance
English country dance
Architecture of England
Anglo-Saxon architecture
English Gothic architecture
Tudor architecture
Elizabethan architecture
Jacobean architecture
Queen Anne style architecture
Georgian architecture
English folklore
Old English literature
Middle English literature
Geoffrey Chaucer
Thomas Malory
Medieval theatre
Elizabethan literature
English Renaissance theatre
Christopher Marlowe
William Shakespeare
Restoration literature
Restoration comedy
English independence
English nationalism
English Democrats
English Defence League
History of the English language
Old English
Middle English
Early Modern English
Great Vowel Shift
English language
Black Country
Cheshire dialect
Cumbrian dialect
East Anglian English
East Midlands English
Essex dialect
Estuary English
Kentish dialect
Lancashire dialect and accent
Manchester dialect
Multicultural London English
Norfolk dialect
Northern English
Received Pronunciation
English in southern England
Suffolk dialect
Sussex dialect
West Midlands English
West Country dialects
Yorkshire dialect
Fauna of England
Timeline of Scottish history
History of Scotland
Scotland during the Roman Empire
Scotland in the Early Middle Ages
Scotland in the High Middle Ages
Scotland in the Late Middle Ages
Scotland in the Early Modern Era
Scotland in the modern era
List of kings of the Picts
Kenneth MacAlpin
Domnall mac Ailpín
Causantín mac Cináeda
Áed mac Cináeda
Eochaid, son of Rhun
Donald II of Scotland
Constantine II of Scotland
Malcolm I of Scotland
Dub, King of Scotland
Amlaíb, King of Scotland
Kenneth II of Scotland
Constantine III of Scotland
Kenneth III of Scotland
Malcolm II of Scotland
House of Moray
House of Dunkeld
Duncan I of Scotland
Macbeth, King of Scotland
Malcolm III of Scotland
Donald III of Scotland
Duncan II of Scotland
Edgar, King of Scotland
Alexander I of Scotland
David I of Scotland
Malcolm IV of Scotland
William the Lion
Alexander II of Scotland
Alexander III of Scotland
House of Sverre
Margaret, Maid of Norway
Guardian of Scotland
House of Balliol
John Balliol
Clan Bruce
Robert the Bruce
David II of Scotland
Robert II of Scotland
Robert III of Scotland
James I of Scotland
James II of Scotland
James III of Scotland
James IV of Scotland
James V of Scotland
Mary, Queen of Scots
Jacobite succession
Scandinavian Scotland
Wars of Scottish Independence
Renaissance in Scotland
Scottish Reformation
Restoration (Scotland)
Glorious Revolution in Scotland
Scottish colonization of the Americas
Scottish Enlightenment
Romanticism in Scotland
Culture of Scotland
Scottish clan
History of the Scots language
Economic history of Scotland
History of education in Scotland
Military of Scotland
Historiography of Scotland
Historical demography of Scotland
Scottish literature
Scottish art
History of Scottish devolution
History of the Scottish National Party
History of the Scottish Socialist Party
History of the Scottish Episcopal Church
Architecture of Scotland
Music of Scotland
Highland English
Scottish English
Scottish Gaelic
Scots language
Gaelic medium education in Scotland
Church of Scotland
Politics of Scotland
Unionism in Scotland
Scottish independence
Scottish national identity
Fauna of Scotland
Flora of Scotland
List of fauna of the Scottish Highlands
History of Wales
Wales in the Roman era
Wales in the Early Middle Ages
Kingdom of Gwynedd
Kingdom of Powys
Welsh law
Norman invasion of Wales
Conquest of Wales by Edward I
Wales in the Late Middle Ages
Statute of Rhuddlan
Glyndŵr Rising
Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542
Welsh settlement in the Americas
Modern history of Wales
Demographics of Wales
Education in Wales
Languages of Wales
History of the Welsh language
Old Welsh
Middle Welsh
Welsh language
Welsh English
Culture of Wales
Cardiff dialect
Welsh medium education
Y Wladfa
Welsh art
Welsh-language literature
Welsh literature in English
Music of Wales
1904–1905 Welsh Revival
Church in Wales
Welsh Methodist revival
Politics of Wales
List of political parties in Wales
Welsh nationalism
Welsh independence
Plaid Cymru
Cymru Annibynnol
Y Fro Gymraeg
History of Cornwall
Timeline of Cornish history
Cornwall in the English Civil War
Cornish Rebellion of 1497
Michael An Gof
Thomas Flamank
Second Cornish Uprising of 1497
Act of Uniformity 1549
Prayer Book Rebellion
Jacobite uprising in Cornwall of 1715
Constitutional status of Cornwall
Culture of Cornwall
Politics of Cornwall
Cornish people
Cornish diaspora
Cornish literature
Music of Cornwall
Economy of Cornwall
Cornish nationalism
Cornish National Liberation Army
Cornish Nationalist Party
Cornish Solidarity
Revived Cornish Stannary Parliament
Mebyon Kernow
Cornish language
Cornish revival
Flora and fauna of Cornwall
History of Jersey
Politics of Jersey
Demographics of Jersey
Religion in Jersey
Education in Jersey
Culture of Jersey
Channel Island English
Jèrriais literature
History of Guernsey
Culture of Guernsey
Sark general election, 2008
Auregnais dialect
Isle of Man
History of the Isle of Man
Kingdom of the Isles
Act of Settlement 1703
Culture of the Isle of Man
Manx people
Manx language
Bunscoill Ghaelgagh
Manx English
Manx literature
Music of the Isle of Man
Timeline of Irish history
History of Ireland (400–800)
Gaelic Ireland
History of Ireland (800–1169)
Máel Sechnaill mac Máele Ruanaid
Áed Findliath
Flann Sinna
Niall Glúndub
Donnchad Donn
Congalach Cnogba
Domnall ua Néill
Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill
Brian Boru
Donnchad mac Briain
Diarmait mac Maíl na mBó
Toirdelbach Ua Briain
Domnall Ua Lochlainn
Muirchertach Ua Briain
Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair
Muirchertach Mac Lochlainn
Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair
Norman invasion of Ireland
History of Ireland (1169–1536)
Tudor conquest of Ireland
Lordship of Ireland
History of Ireland (1536–1691)
History of Ireland (1691–1801)
Kingdom of Ireland
Protestant Ascendancy
Irish Rebellion of 1798
Acts of Union 1800
History of Ireland (1801–1923)
Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848
Young Ireland
Fenian Rising
Irish Republican Brotherhood
Great Famine (Ireland)
Irish revolutionary period
Easter Rising
Irish Volunteers
Irish Citizen Army
Cumann na mBan
Patrick Pearse
James Connolly
Tom Clarke (Irish republican)
Seán Mac Diarmada
Joseph Plunkett
Éamonn Ceannt
Thomas MacDonagh
Proclamation of the Irish Republic
Irish Republican Army
Irish War of Independence
Anglo-Irish Treaty
Michael Collins (Irish leader)
Irish Free State
Irish Civil War
History of Northern Ireland
History of the Republic of Ireland
Fianna Fáil
Fine Gael
Sinn Féin
Labour Party (Ireland)
W. T. Cosgrave
Éamon de Valera
Douglas Hyde
Seán T. O'Kelly
John A. Costello
Jack Lynch
Seán Lemass
The Troubles
Erskine Hamilton Childers
Liam Cosgrave
Provisional Irish Republican Army
Official Irish Republican Army
Irish National Liberation Army
Continuity Irish Republican Army
Real Irish Republican Army
Irish People's Liberation Organisation
Ulster Defence Association
Ulster Volunteer Force
Loyalist Volunteer Force
Red Hand Commando
Young Citizen Volunteers (1972)
Ulster Young Militants
Ulster Resistance
UVF Mid-Ulster Brigade
Democratic Unionist Party
Northern Ireland Unionist Party
Ulster Unionist Party
Progressive Unionist Party
Conservative Party (UK)
UK Unionist Party
Traditional Unionist Voice
Democratic Left (Ireland)
Progressive Democrats
Social Democratic and Labour Party
Workers' Party of Ireland
Irish Republican Socialist Party
Republican Sinn Féin
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association
Battle of the Bogside
1969 Northern Ireland riots
Operation Banner
Operation Demetrius
Censorship in the Republic of Ireland
Bloody Sunday (1972)
Direct rule
Bloody Friday (1972)
Northern Ireland Assembly (1973)
Mountjoy Prison helicopter escape
Ulster Workers' Council
Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh
Patrick Hillery
Dublin and Monaghan bombings
Charles Haughey
Kingsmill massacre
Warrenpoint ambush
1981 Irish hunger strike
Bobby Sands
Maze Prison escape
Garret FitzGerald
Brighton hotel bombing
Mary Robinson
Albert Reynolds
John Bruton
Anglo-Irish Agreement
Remembrance Day bombing
Northern Ireland peace process
Operation Flavius
Milltown Cemetery attack
Corporals killings
1988–94 British broadcasting voice restrictions
1993 Bishopsgate bombing
Downing Street Declaration
1996 Docklands bombing
1996 Manchester bombing
Mary McAleese
Bertie Ahern
Good Friday Agreement
Omagh bombing
Brian Cowen
Enda Kenny
Michael D. Higgins
Politics of Ireland
Fauna of Ireland
Flora of Ireland
Demographics of the Republic of Ireland
Demography of Northern Ireland
Culture of Ireland
Culture of Northern Ireland
Music of Ireland
Irish dance
Irish literature
Irish art
Irish theatre
Irish nationalism
Irish republicanism
Ulster loyalism
Unionism in Ireland
Economy of the Republic of Ireland
Celtic Tiger
Education in the Republic of Ireland
Foreign relations of the Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland Assembly
D'Hondt method
Economy of Northern Ireland
Education in Northern Ireland
Irish language
Ulster Scots dialects
United Kingdom
History of the United Kingdom
Treaty of Union
Union of the Crowns
History of the formation of the United Kingdom
British Empire
East India Company
House of Hanover
Robert Walpole
South Sea Company
George II of Great Britain
Licensing Act 1737
War of Jenkins' Ear
Spencer Compton, 1st Earl of Wilmington
Henry Pelham
War of the Austrian Succession
Jacobite rising of 1745
Carnatic Wars
Jewish Naturalization Act 1753
Marriage Act 1753
Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle
French and Indian War
Siege of Fort St Philip (1756)
Seven Years' War
William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire
John Byng
Annus Mirabilis of 1759
Georgian era
George III of the United Kingdom
John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute
Treaty of Paris (1763)
George Grenville
Stamp Act 1765
American Revolution
Boston Tea Party
Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham
Declaratory Act
William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham
Charles Townshend
Townshend Acts
Augustus FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton
Frederick North, Lord North
Gordon Riots
William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne
William Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland
William Pitt the Younger
Pitt's India Act
Rotten and pocket boroughs
Triple Alliance (1788)
Constitutional Act of 1791
Macartney Embassy
Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth
Treaty of Amiens
War of the Third Coalition
Battle of Trafalgar
Battle of Ulm
Battle of Austerlitz
William Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville
Spencer Perceval
Regency era
Peninsular War
Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool
War of 1812
Congress of Vienna
Peterloo Massacre
Third Anglo-Maratha War
Cato Street Conspiracy
George IV of the United Kingdom
George Canning
F. J. Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
Roman Catholic Relief Act 1829
William IV of the United Kingdom
Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey
Reform Act 1832
Swing Riots
Poor Law Amendment Act 1834
William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne
Robert Peel
Municipal Corporations Act 1835
Bedchamber crisis
Treaty of Waitangi
Victorian era
Queen Victoria
Wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Wedding dress of Queen Victoria
Albert, Prince Consort
Mines and Collieries Act 1842
Income tax
Factory Acts
Railway Regulation Act 1844
Corn Laws
Maynooth Grant
John Russell, 1st Earl Russell
Don Pacifico affair and case
Australian Colonies Government Act
The Great Exhibition
English Poor Laws
Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby
George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen
Eastern Question
Crimean War
Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston
Indian Rebellion of 1857
Government of India Act 1858
Disabilities (Jewish)
Reform Act 1867
Benjamin Disraeli
William Ewart Gladstone
Irish Church Act 1869
Irish Land Acts
Elementary Education Act 1870
Trade Union Act 1871
Ballot Act 1872
Licensing Act 1872
Franco-Prussian War
Chimney Sweepers Act 1875
Public Health Act 1875
Artisans' and Labourers' Dwellings Improvement Act 1875
Suez Canal Company
Congress of Berlin
Emperor of India
Second Anglo-Afghan War
League of the Three Emperors
Anglo-Zulu War
Long Depression
First Boer War
Protection of Person and Property Act 1881
Kilmainham Treaty
Phoenix Park Murders
Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act 1883
Representation of the People Act 1884
Redistribution of Seats Act 1885
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury
Irish Home Rule movement
Home rule
Contagious Diseases Acts
Local Government Act 1888
Scramble for Africa
New Unionism
London Dock Strike of 1889
Wedding of Prince George, Duke of York, and Princess Mary of Teck
Wedding dress of Princess Mary of Teck
Workmen's Compensation Act 1897
Anglo-Zanzibar War
Second Boer War
Khaki election
Anglo-Japanese Alliance
Edwardian era
Edward VII
Alexandra of Denmark
Arthur Balfour
Committee of Imperial Defence
Education Act 1902
Taff Vale Railway Co v Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants
Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Anglo-Russian Entente
H. H. Asquith
Liberal welfare reforms
People's Budget
Old-Age Pensions Act 1908
National Insurance Act 1911
Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949
Prisoners (Temporary Discharge for Ill Health) Act 1913
Government of Ireland Act 1914
George V
Mary of Teck
David Lloyd George
History of the United Kingdom during World War I
Paris Peace Conference, 1919
Chanak Crisis
Bonar Law
Carlton Club meeting
Stanley Baldwin
Ramsay MacDonald
Zinoviev letter
Wedding of Prince Albert, Duke of York, and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
Locarno Treaties
1926 United Kingdom general strike
Margaret Bondfield
British Empire Economic Conference
Great Depression in the United Kingdom
Edward VIII
Wallis Simpson
Edward VIII abdication crisis
George VI
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Neville Chamberlain
Munich Agreement
Winston Churchill
Military history of the United Kingdom during World War II
Timeline of the United Kingdom home front during World War II
Coalition government
Beveridge Report
Postwar Britain
United Kingdom general election, 1945
Clement Attlee
Post-war consensus
Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh
Wedding dress of Princess Elizabeth
National Health Service
National Insurance
Mau Mau Uprising
Malayan Emergency
Elizabeth II
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Charles, Prince of Wales
Diana, Princess of Wales
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Prince George of Cambridge
Prince Harry of Wales
Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Princess Beatrice of York
Princess Eugenie of York
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
Sophie, Countess of Wessex
James, Viscount Severn
Lady Louise Windsor
Anne, Princess Royal
Mark Phillips
Zara Phillips
Timothy Laurence
Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley
Lady Sarah Chatto
Anthony Eden
Suez Crisis
Harold Macmillan
Wind of Change (speech)
1958 Notting Hill race riots
Beeching cuts
Wedding dress of Princess Margaret
Night of the Long Knives (1962)
Profumo Affair
Alec Douglas-Home
Harold Wilson
Secretary of State for Economic Affairs
Open University
In Place of Strife
Incomes policy
Edward Heath
Sunningdale Agreement
Three-Day Week
Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
National Union of Mineworkers (Great Britain)
Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
United Kingdom European Communities membership referendum, 1975
North Sea oil
Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II
Wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Philips
Wedding dress of Princess Anne
James Callaghan
Winter of Discontent
Margaret Thatcher
Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer
Wedding dress of Lady Diana Spencer
Falklands War
Right to Buy
UK miners' strike (1984–1985)
UK rebate
Sino-British Joint Declaration
Westland affair
Greater London Council
Wedding of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah Ferguson
Wedding dress of Sarah Ferguson
Section 28
Community Charge
Poll Tax Riots
Pan Am Flight 103
John Major
Early 1990s recession
European Exchange Rate Mechanism
Black Wednesday
Privatisation of British Rail
National Lottery (United Kingdom)
Citizen's Charter
Sunday shopping
Back to Basics (campaign)
Cones Hotline
Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
Tony Blair
New Labour
New Labour, New Life For Britain
Clause IV
Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong
Death of Diana, Princess of Wales
Bernie Ecclestone
Human Rights Act 1998
Reform of the House of Lords
Wedding of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Sophie Rhys-Jones
Fuel protests in the United Kingdom
2001 United Kingdom foot-and-mouth outbreak
Tuition fees in the United Kingdom
Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II
Civil Partnership Act 2004
Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla Parker Bowles
Wedding dress of Camilla Parker Bowles
Constitutional Reform Act 2005
7 July 2005 London bombings
Cash for Honours
Identity Cards Act 2006
Gordon Brown
2007 London car bombs
2007 Glasgow International Airport attack
Loss of United Kingdom child benefit data (2007)
Labour party proxy and undeclared donations (2007)
Treaty of Lisbon
United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal
Damian Green
Iraq Inquiry
David Cameron
Bloody Sunday Inquiry
Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
Wedding dress of Kate Middleton
2011 United Kingdom anti-austerity protests
2010 UK student protests
United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, 2011
Welfare Reform Act 2012
Health and Social Care Act 2012
2011 England riots
European Fiscal Compact
Peter Cruddas
Belfast City Hall flag protests
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
Commonwealth realm
Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II
Personality and image of Queen Elizabeth II
Scottish independence referendum, 2014
Foreign relations of the United Kingdom
Commonwealth of Nations
Australia–United Kingdom relations
Barbados–United Kingdom relations
Canada–United Kingdom relations
Cyprus–United Kingdom relations
India–United Kingdom relations
Ireland–United Kingdom relations
Malaysia–United Kingdom relations
Malta–United Kingdom relations
Nauru–United Kingdom relations
New Zealand–United Kingdom relations
Foreign relations of Nigeria
Pakistan–United Kingdom relations
Papua New Guinea–United Kingdom relations
Singapore–United Kingdom relations
United Kingdom–United States relations
Special Relationship
China–United Kingdom relations
Indonesia–United Kingdom relations
Japan–United Kingdom relations
Constitution of the United Kingdom
British nationality law
Politics of the United Kingdom
List of political parties in the United Kingdom
Demography of the United Kingdom
Ethnic groups in the United Kingdom
Healthcare in the United Kingdom
Immigration to the United Kingdom since Irish independence
Languages of the United Kingdom
Poverty in the United Kingdom
Social care in the United Kingdom
Social structure of the United Kingdom
Culture of the United Kingdom
Art of the United Kingdom
Religion in the United Kingdom
Music of the United Kingdom
Theatre of the United Kingdom
Augustan literature
Augustan prose
Augustan poetry
Victorian literature
British literature