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I hail you from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, a city with the history of some 1,500 years. Some of our 21st-century northern neighbors take it for "a cherry on top of the cake" which should, in no ways, be left uneaten.

"Tbilisi is the cherry on top of the cake and someone will eat it. The cherry on top of the cake should be ours. Why the hell should we give it away to someone else? Of course, we should take it for our own". – Sergey Dorenko [1]

Hello, I'm Kober and I edit Wikipedia from  Georgia.

Countries I have visited:  Turkey  Germany  Netherlands  Armenia  Spain  Austria  Italy   Vatican City  Czech Republic  Latvia  Sweden  Kazakhstan  Kyrgyzstan  Belgium  Greece  Azerbaijan  Turkmenistan

My contributions[edit]

As of December 2017, I'm an author of >1,400 brand new Wikipedia articles.

An incomplete list of the articles I started/wrote (last update 06.2008).

The articles I rewrote/heavily edited/unstubbed