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Hello and welcome!

I'm a 42 years old man living in germany. At Wiki I try to help with smal edits and mostly make Wikilinks, add external links or images. I also try to add some more information and references to stubs. My username in german wikipedia is Kogge. In the past my username in english Wikipedia was Dodshe.

I'm not a native english speaker, so don't hesitate to correct my writings if you find any mistakes.

I'm especially interested in Life Sciences, Psychology and Sociology. For other information about me take a look at my Userboxes.

To do[edit]

My goal is to rescue stubs about microorganisms, algae, fungi and protists without references from deleting. I will try to check if the article is right and add my used references. For bacteria mostly Bergey.

I start with the Proteobacteria, at the moment (30.4.2012) there are 177 using search: Proteobacteria -references (link)

After this (Searches 30.4.2012):

All articles without references related to bacteria: bacteria -references -notes. About 1,065 (30.4.2012): Year! One of my aims in life! :)

And perhaps... :



External links[edit]

Articles created by myself[edit]




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