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Introduction and what I do on Wikipedia[edit]

Hello there. This is Kokoro20. You'll mainly find me editing at articles related to music, and sometimes, video games and TV shows. More of my edits are reverts than they should be, mainly due to IPs often including unsourced additions (or unexplained removal of correctly cited content), changes against consensus, or just plain vandalism. Don't get me wrong, I know IPs are human too, but I run into this problem with them far more often than registered users. But with that said, I still try to find time to genuinely improve some articles, occasionally trying to get them to good article status.

You may also find me at AFDs relating to music and video games from time to time. As an inclusionist, I end up voting "keep" at most of these. Not that I don't agree with Wikipedia's notability guidelines as a whole (I understand why it exists), but I just disagree with how it's often enforced, especially when it comes to video game-related articles.


One of my current projects include bringing articles related to one of my favorite bands, Paramore, to Good Article status. I've already gotten Paramore (their self-titled album) and the album's single "Still Into You" to GA. I'm planning to get the "Hard Times" single article, from their 2017 album After Laughter, to GA next, with the album itself being a future candidate. I may even like to go back and get Riot! to GA sometime as well.