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Major scale
Minor scale
Music theory
Mode (music)
List of musical scales and modes
17 equal temperament
Acoustic scale
Aeolian mode
Algerian scale
Alpha scale
Altered scale
Hexatonic scale
Beta scale
Blues scale
Bohlen–Pierce scale
Chromatic scale
Delta scale
Dorian mode
Double harmonic scale
Enigmatic scale
Flamenco mode
Gamma scale
Gypsy scale
Half diminished scale
Harmonic major scale
Harmonic Scale
Hirajōshi scale
Hungarian gypsy scale
Hungarian minor scale
In scale
Insen scale
Ionian mode
Istrian scale
Iwato scale
Locrian mode
Lydian augmented scale
Lydian mode
Bebop scale
Major Locrian scale
Pentatonic scale
Mixolydian mode
Neapolitan scale
Octatonic scale
Persian scale
Phrygian dominant scale
Phrygian mode
Mystic chord
Quarter tone
Scale of harmonics
Ukrainian Dorian scale
Yo scale