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The expression korako is Esperanto and means raven. Both due to its sound and its meaning as well as because of my past interest in the mentioned language, I like it rather well as a pseudonym.

de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
als Däm Bnutzer sy Muetersprach isch Alemannisch.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.
la-2 Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of English.
Ω This user's knowledge of Ancient Greek is on a basic level.

As I haven't contributed to or authored too many articles yet, I'm providing a short overview of my interests instead of a detailed list of my work.


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Literature, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Science Fiction, Music, Melodic metal, Celtic music, Gospel, Kirk Franklin, Funk, Languages, Linguistics, Fantasy, Robin Hobb, Mythology, Games, Webdesign, The Pythons, and so much more...