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I'm a self-employed web developer living in Harriman, New York.

I'm quite the computer geek, and work primarily with the Python programming language and the Django web framework. I've previously worked for The Onion and the Lawrence Journal-World (birthplace of Django). I originally got involved in web development in the period leading up to the dot-com bubble, and was involved in forming a startup that is still kicking around (albeit as part of another company). Before going returning to web development, I went back to college and nearly became a librarian; it's that sort of information-obsessed mindset that made me love (and, at times, hate) Wikipedia.

Once upon a time (2004–2005), I contributed frequently and enthusiastically to Wikipedia; I eventually got frustrated with various problems and quit. For all those problems, though, it survived and even thrived; to this day, I still visit Wikipedia first for information on a particular topic. I'm looking to dip my feet back in the editing water these days (2009–2010), hoping that I'll find the same passion strike me again.

My interests include anime, board and card games (think Settlers of Catan and Dominion, not Monopoly or Scrabble), cats, childfree issues, Dance Dance Revolution, electronic music (particularly futurepop), Emacs, English grammar and usage, gun rights, LGBT rights, libertarianism (although I have stark philosophical differences with most libertarians), open-source software, philosophy, programming (particularly Emacs Lisp and Python), psychology (particularly evolutionary psychology), and transhumanism.