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This is the homepage of Wikipedia of Kevin Flude

I think wikipedia may be showing the way forward for a modern democracy.

This is what I wrote when I first joined.

'I think the whole idea of the wiki and wikipedia is just wonderful and I have great hopes for the concept.  However, it needs to spread and these pages which are often good need to become authoritive.'

I tried to do my best for the London pages that were about archaeology.

The following is from my web site (

Kevin was Director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum in Southwark. He is currently Creative Director of the Museum; Associate Lecturer at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Course Director for the Elderhostel programme in London which provides study tours on the history, archaeology and art of London..

He has worked in the Museum world since 1976. First at the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, and then at the Museum of London (1977-84). He was an Assistant Keeper at the Victoria and Albert Museum between 1984-1987. Since 1987 Kevin has worked freelance as a consultant in many museums, lectured on the history and archaeology of London and directed the transformation of the Old Operating Theatre Museum since 1992.

His interests are history and archaeology of London (and Britain), museums, medical history and creating web sites for heritage organisations.