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Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz - a busy GP and Wikipedian (admin).

I believe I can call myself one of the real old-timers with Internal ID number 11[1] and my first edit recorded by user edit counter statistics dated 2001-05-06 17:31[2] Some people call me a Wikipedia dino.

As far as I can remember I joined Wikipedia after a Nupedia mailing list announcement in Spring 2001. In 2001 I used to be quite active in Wikipedia (there was the only one English Wikipedia then) contributing and taking active part in discussions about shaping of Wikipedia structure and internals. But in September 2001 the Polish Wikipedia was born and I was busy with the budding project. Nowadays due to my lack of spare time I am only occasionally active in the English Wikipedia and I'm usually available on the Polish language version of Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.
See my user page on the Polish Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.

Editcountitis (as of September 2013 )

For the curious:

  • WP-EN: ~6,200
  • WP-PL: ~53,900

Current affairs and interests

My texts of historical interest


My e-mail address (just in case):
user - kpj+
at sign - @+
domain - gower dot pl

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The Cochrane Library

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