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Kranialfire is a Scree name I coined a year ago to suffice the need for a creative and unique name during chat sessions. Soon I began to use it all over the net due to its appeal.


Many people have asked me the meaning of the word. It’s basically like this:

Kranium = Cranium = Brain

Fire = Well that’s pretty obvious

So the word kranialfire simply denotes the fact that my brain is always on fire (which means I am in a constant state of thought)


Being a graduate in Information Technology shows my obvious interest in the software arena.

Apart from continuously jabbing at the keyboard I use my spare time to listen to music and read anything I can get my hands on.

And now to my newly found obsession 'Wikipedia'. Without doubt the most productive phenomenon to hit the information super-highway.


  • I expect myself to be actively contributing to the 'Wikipedia' community in a short while ( as i am still in the process of absorbing the vast amount of information required)