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Greetings! You've reached the userpage of Krashlandon. If you would like to leave a message, please use my talk page.

I've been a user here since January 2006, although I was inactive for a few years, during which I edited things I ran into while doing research. Now I patrol new pages and create articles for people. My specialties are technology, physics, computers, and ham radio related topics, although I will work on anything that is interesting to me at the moment.

You may notice that I have created a large number of accounts. This is due to my former involvement in account creation. They are not sockpuppets, and I don't have control over any of these accounts. Their legitimacy can be checked by any ACC tool user.

I appreciate feedback and comments, so feel free to tell me if you think I made a mistake, but please be civil about it. Everyone messes up from time to time.

I have access to many rare, technical, and archived sources, especially in my own fields, and I frequently use these in my contributions. I would be willing to help out if you need more information on one of these sources or would like me to help you find something of your own.

The userboxes to the right tell a little about me.

My Edit Counter

My sandbox User:Krashlandon/sandbox


Don't demolish the house while it's still being built


Resilient barnstar
from MGM for learning and improving from criticism.


1. Fighting vandalism
2. Working on articles

Pages I Have Created

eXtreme Radio Service
Caryn Seamount
Lake Ella

Any help with these articles is appreciated,