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Genre Drama, Slice of life story
Written by Kozue Amano
Published by Mag Garden
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Comic Blade
Original run December 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 2
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Amanchu! (あまんちゅ!?) is a Japanese shōnen manga series serialized in Comic Blade.[1] It was written and illustrated by female Japanese mangaka, Kozue Amano, who is widely known as the creator of Aria. The series motto is "Fun for All. All for Fun".[2]

Plot summary[edit]

A 15-year-old girl, Hikari Kohinata, who loves the sea, living her care-free life until another 16-year-old girl, Futaba Ōki, comes along. Both studying together in same school, Yumegaoka High, they find themselves becoming the best of friends as they each discover the wonders of town they living in.


Yumegaoka High School[edit]

Hikari Kohinata (小日向 光 Kohinata Hikari?) / "Pikari" (ぴかり?)
One of the protagonists, Hikari is a first-year student of Yumegaoka High School in class 1-2, and a member of the school Diving Club. She is a diving instructor living with her Grandma at a beach house, and frequently called by the nickname "Pikari".
Futaba Ōki (大木 双葉 Ōki Futaba?) / "Dotty" (てこ "Teko"?)
The other protagonist, Futaba is also in class 1-2 of Yumegaoka High School. She is drawn by her new friend Pikari into joining the Diving Club despite never having dived before. Her main transport to school and around the town is her scooter. She loves taking photographs using her mobile phone. Pikari gives her the nickname "Dotty".
Ai Ninomiya (二宮 愛 Ninomiya Ai?)
A second-year student at Yumegaoka and president of the Diving Club. She is Mokoto's older twin sister.
Makoto Ninomiya (二宮 誠 Ninomiya Makoto?)
A second-year student at Yumegaoka, and a memmber of the Diving Club. He is Ai's younger twin brother.
Mato Katori (火鳥 真斗?)
Homeroom teacher of class 1-2 and the faculty sponsor of the Diving Club. She first appeared in Amano's earlier series, Roman Club.

Other characters[edit]

Hikari's Grandma (光の祖母?)
Grandmother of Hikari Kohinata (Pikari), a smoker who own a beach house.
Cha/Tea (ちゃ?)
A town stray cat with tea-coloured ears and tail. First appearance is in Chapter 1 as a background character.


Amanchu! stated serialization in Mag Garden monthly shōnen Comic Blade magazine on November 29, 2010.[1] In September, the series changed to quarterly release due to the author pregnancy and childcare.[3] As of October 2010, three tankōbon collecting the serials chapters have been published the first on August 10, 2009,[4] and the third on August 10, 2010.[5]

Outside Japan, the series has been licensed by Tong Li Publishing in Taiwan.[6]


No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
01 August 10, 2009[4] ISBN 978-4-86127-642-2
  • 01. "The Girl and the Sea" (海と少女 "Ume to Shōjo"?)
  • 02. "Yumegaoka High" (夢ヶ丘高校 "Yumegaoka Kōkō"?)
  • 03. "School Life" (学校の時間 "Gakkō no Jikan"?)
  • 04. "A Path in the Air" (宙のパッセージ "Chū no Passaji"?)
  • 05. "Cherry Blossom Path" (桜並木 "Sakura Namiki"?)
  • 06. "Dotty and Pikari" (てこぴかり "Teko to Pikari"?)
02 February 10, 2010[7] ISBN 978-4-86127-696-5
  • 07. "Roadside Station" (道の駅 "Machi-no-eki"?)
  • 08. "Pool Training" (プール実習 "Pūru Jisshū"?)
  • 09. "Springtime Murkiness" (春濁り "Natsu Nigori"?)
  • 10. "Meeting Again" (再開" "Saikai"?)
  • 11. "Meeting" (ミーティング "Miitingu"?)
  • 12. "Treasure" (宝物 "Takaramono"?)
03 August 10, 2010[5] ISBN 978-4-86127-757-3
  • 13. "The Start of Rainy Season" (梅雨入り "Tsuyuiri"?)
  • 14. "Dotty and Training" (てこと講習 "Teko to Kōshū"?)
  • 15. "Love Letter" (ラブレター "Rabu Retā"?)
  • 16. "Stray Cat" (捨て猫 "Sute Neko"?)
  • 17. "To the Blue World" (青の世界へ "Ao no Sekai e"?)
  • 18. "The Sea's Blessing" (海の祝福 "Umi no Shukufuku"?)

Chapters not yet collected in tankōbon[edit]

  • 19. "Durama"


The first volume reached #8 in the Japanese comics sales charts the week it was released,[8] the second volume reached #3,[9] and the third #7.[10]


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