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Tim Farley on the JREF Amazing Adventure 5 ~ Skeptics of the Caribbean
Tim Farley on the JREF Amazing Adventure 5 ~ Skeptics of the Caribbean
Timothy P. Farley
Born (1962-08-12) August 12, 1962 (age 61)
Country USA
Current locationAtlanta, Georgia
Time zoneEST
Family and friends
Marital statusMarried
SpouseJessica Weiss
Education and employment
OccupationSoftware engineer
High schoolValdosta High School
CollegeGeorgia Institute of Technology
Contact info

I'm Timothy Patrick Farley a computer security analyst who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I do computer security and reverse engineering work and I'm a skeptic. My main interests in Wikipedia are in the areas of scientific skepticism and pseudoscience as well as the city of Atlanta where I live. I particularly like writing about historic buildings and the architects who designed them. Lately I've also been branching more into music-related articles, particularly jazz.

I also am interested in the Women in Red effort and am personally trying to help with that. I've pledged to myself not to make the man/woman imbalance any worse than it is, by writing more women's bios than I write men's.

Wikipedia Articles[edit]

Here are articles on Wikipedia which I created:


To keep myself honest about my pledge to not make the gender imbalance in biographies any worse, here are the biographies I've created lined up next to each other. I've been writing bios of only women lately, to stay better than 2 to 1 (women to men).


Works in Progress (Sandbox)[edit]

From most active to least:

Other Articles Needing Attention[edit]

I maintain a "to do list" of articles that I could work on, but haven't started a sandbox for here. Also includes existing articles that I've noticed need work.


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Experiment Area[edit]

Experimenting with citation formats:

  • McCarthy, Robynn; Colanduno, Derek (January 16, 2007), "#044 - Interview: Michael A. Stackpole", Skepticality, Skeptic Magazine, retrieved 2009-01-15 {{citation}}: Cite has empty unknown parameters: |1= and |2= (help)

Bruce Hood footnotes[edit]

These are some references I found for Bruce Hood's article, haven't had time to integrate them:

  • Need an inbound link from GT200
  • YouTube of Bruce on NewsNight: [5]
  • Humans 'hardwired for religion' from 2006: [6]
  • Babies, magic and conjuring from 2006: [7]
  • Books & Ideas podcast interview: [8]
  • BBC News article mentioning him re: GT200: [9]
  • The Nation article on same: [10]
  • Interview at SKeptical Inquirer: [11]
  • Telegaph article about Alton Towers: [12]
  • Bruce's blog: [13]