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I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina having moved here in 1989, prior to the Great Population Influx of the 90's.

I am employed as a Computer Geek - I own a small consulting company that provides security, systems administration, and project management services. I've been lucky to have several intersting clients, including AT&T's Managed Security Center. My main client for the last several years has been the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, where I lead the technical side of Online Testing.

I have a much more interesting private life. No, really.

Articles I refer to often[edit]


Wikipedia:How to edit a page or WP:HEP

Wikipedia:Standard user greeting or WP:SUG

Wikipedia:Copyright problems or WP:CP

Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism or WP:AIV

Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents or WP:ANI

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion or WP:AFD

Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress or WP:VIP

Articles I watch[edit]

I currently have 705 pages on my active watchlist.

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