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Kris Allen Courtney

American Artist & Author,

American Artist Kris Courtney

Kris Courtney was born September 1, 1959 in Muncie Indiana. His life was challenge from the very beginning with multiple amputations, deformities and other genetic restraints that offered little relief in times of struggle. In the Memoir, Norma Jean’s Sun (ISBN – 978-0578020594)[1] published in the spring of 2009 and available on, Kris documents much of this experience in coordination to his Mothers life as well. Together, the story travels an intriguing journey. “Eloquent, stirring and emotional, inspirational to the courageous” Publishers Weekly 2011: “Touching story, full of hope”

An education in Industrial Engineering, Kris offered the majority of his working class life to the field of high-end UNIX manufacturing applications including Unigraphics and AutoCAD. His ability to program and describe complex mathematical formulas along side robotic technology provided a springboard into his more famously known talents of artistic creations. His technical career offered small recognition including an automation design award at the 1995 Long Beach EDS Conference for Unigraphics language development in GRIP (Graphical Interface Protocol/Programming)

Nationally noted for such artwork as “Passing” expressed as an emotional response to his fathers death, this painting was recognized and displayed in the Bethesda Medical facility of Greater Cincinnati Ohio. This painting also serves as the back cover for Norma Jean’s Sun[2]. In addition to other original oil paintings, Kris Courtney’s work is on display in Galleries across the country and online[3] . Additional recognitions include John Boehner, Coldplay, Western Tennessee Health, Paducah Kentucky, Santa Fe New Mexico & SFCC as well as Santa Fe Art Institute. SW Florida, Venice / Port Charlotte / North Port - Conceptual Abstract Expressionism in a Avant-Garde genre of Primitive Literalism.

2015 Release - Author & Illustrator of It's OK Scooter™[4] - Fictional Children's Book that has been released in 2015. Along with Co-Illustrator Fine Artist Judy Cowan Lee, Courtney's storyline reflects his own personal experience with a pet Beagle Dog and emphasizes Ability in Life. Available through Amazon in Paperback & Kindle Formats and self published through CreateSpace 2015.

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