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JT Evans
Born July 3
Portland, Oregon
Residence Compton, California
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) The Kendo Kid
JT Twiztid
JT Evans
Billed height 6 ft. 1 in. (185.42)
Billed weight 200 lb. (90.7 kg)
Billed from Compton, California
Trained by "Governor" Wilson Kaine
Danny "Lil Nasty Boy" Campbell
Debut September 2006


JT Evans started training at the age of 14 under Pacific Northwest wrestling veteran "Governor" Wilson Kaine. Wilson Kaine stopped training students, and went to work for Dr. Pain's Clinic Wrestling. After wrestling several manage, Evans parted ways with the company.[1]

Evans went back to training under Canadian wrestling veteran Danny "Lil Nasty Boy" Campbell, however did not finish training there. While there, he was used as a security guard in an angle with "Ticking Time Bomb" Tommy Celcious.[1]

Evans then took a hiatus from training, and then joined BAW Championship Wrestling where he helped trainer Terry Bull. Evans then came back the next month and was booked in a tag team match, partnering with Terry Bull's son, A.T. Flash versus the promoter's son, Sir Latt'e and Flamin McD, where he and A.T. Flash won the match. Evans then trained at their training school, where he ended up doing a seminar there with The Tonga Kid. Evans then worked for them for two months after that as a referee.[1]

Evans then went back into training with Lil' Nasty Boy. Then, family friend Kevin Brandt reopened the federation North American Wrestling Alliance, where Evans wrestled for until suddenly the company was sold, two months after its re debut.[1]

After this Evans took another hiatus. In October 2007, Evans and Super Tramp wrestled at the 2007 Wrestle Fan Fest at the Cow Palace. The following weekend Evans went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to see friend, "Pitbull" Gary Wolf. Evans then worked with Gangrel, gaining valuable knowledge.[1]

Evans then began working for Portland Xtreme Wrestling, who were in connection By ownership with Dr. Pain's Clinic Wrestling, and left after four months. In December 2007 Evans received a broke nose in a match.[1]

Evans then took another hiatus, until being asked to work several shows in Oregon with the Sandman. On May 31st, Evans did an angle where the Illuminati attacked the Sandman, where he was out to help the Sandman, and ended up being attacked and hit with a kendo stick numerous times i ended up getting jumped by them and hit with a kendo stick numerous times. X-Pac then came out to make the save. The following day, the Illuminati came out to the ring, then followed by the Sandman and X-Pac, who called Evans out of the back, where he was handed me the Sandman's kendo stick, and told to take out Illuminati member, Derek Drexl. Evans did this, and cornered the Sandman and X-Pac during the rest of the match, where Drexl then hit and choked Evans with a steel chain.[1]

On September 26th, 2008 The Pacific Coast Player JT Evans and tag team partner Pacific Coast Primadona Steve Rush, collectively known as Team PCP made their Midwest debut, working for Caution High Risk Wrestling (CHRW) in Indiana, where they won the Tag Team Championship.[1]

On October 3rd, Pacific Coast Player JT Evans and Pacific Coast Primadona Steve Rush returned to CHRW and attacked the co-host of False Count Pro Wrestling Radio, High and Mighty Joe Young, then announced they had the night off. Later in the night, tag team Random Acts of Violence came out and faced the former Tag Team Champions for the Number #1 Contender slot. After The match, Random Acts of Violence took off their masks, revealing that they were in factTeam PCP. The commissioner then signed the team into singles matches, and later that night Evans was defeated by Senior Flamer.[1]

Team PCP then debuted the next night in Marion, Indiana for Extreme Wrestling Federation, working a three team elimination match, eliminating Donnie Dude and Mac Daddy, then were eliminated by by Matthew Cavins and his partner.[1]

On December 6th, 2008 in Ozark, Alabama Team P.C.P Members "Pacific Coast Player" JT Evans and "Pacific Coast Punk" Jimmy Flame Interfered in a match featuring ECW Original Chris Hamrick and independent Wrestler "Booty Call" Jeff Brooks. Rumor has it the finish was to have Brooks debut as a part of Team P.C.P by having them interfere and take out Hamrick then put Brooks on top of hamrick to reveal it was a swerve, But because of many errors during the match Team PCP Instead came out and basically beatup Brooks. Soon after attacking brooks JT Evans did the unthinkable and hit a fan in the audience.[1]

On April 18th, 2009 "The Pacific Coast Player" JT Evans wrestled for NWA Midwest Championship Wrestling and worked Two matches. During the first match He teamed with a wrestler based out of St. Louis named Onslaught and lost a pair of tag team belts to Kaz and Cooler when they pinned Onslaught during a Triple Threat Tag Team Match featuring Ninjaz X as well as the other named wrestlers.

Later on that night "The Pacific Coast Player" JT Evans interupted the NWA Iowa heavyweight title contest where Challenger Damien Van Horn was Set to face then Champion Shane Hollister in a one on one match, JT announced he was gonna be wrestling in this match then hardly did anything with the match ending by having JT roll up hollister during what appeared to be a attempted death valley driver during the pin JT grabbed Hollisters Tights. The match was then restarted and JT soon lost the belt back to hollister Via Brainbuster.

In wrestling[edit]

In wrestling[edit]

  • Nicknames
    • The Player
    • The Pacific Coast Player
    • "Most Hated Indy Wrestler"

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

  • Caution High Risk Wrestling
    • CHRW Tag Team Championship (1 time, Former) (with Steve Rush)
  • Future Shock Wrestling
    • Future Shock Tag Team Championship (1 time, current) (with Steve Rush)
  • NWA Midwest Championship Wrestling
    • NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion (1 time, Former) (Defeating Shane Hollister)


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