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NOTE TO ADMINISTRATORS - Please do not get thinkin of WP:Sockpuppet on this account Or User:BigPadresDUDE i am bpds wife Kristina and this is my separte account after learning of WP:NOSHARE and me and bpd share the same interests so Please dont worry cause all our computers share the same ip address thourgh a modem

Kristina | Homepage

Welcome, I am Kristina. My actual name is Kristina Martinez (Nee Ryan), but forget about that... just call me Krissy Or K.

I live in San Diego and was a student at the San Diego State. And i studied the medical practice like my hubby BPD I am Happily Married And have 3 beatuful Baby girls Mary Katie And Anna

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Editing since September 24, 2009
— Wikipedian Female —
Name Kristina James Anna Ryan Martinez
Country  United States
Current location San Diego
Time zone Pacific
Race White
Sexuality Bisexual
Family and friends
Marital status Happily married
Spouse Jake Martinez
Children 3 beautiful girls Mary (4) Katie (2) Anna (1)
Education and employment
Occupation Horse Back Rider

Baseball, Soaps, Wrestling, Other Sports, Talking, Video Games And TV Like My Hubby


User:BigPadresDUDE - Hubby