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Don Ashley Turlington is an author and musician born in 1972 in Silver Spring, Maryland. He graduated from Saint Joseph's College of Maine[1] in Standish, Maine, in 2000 and received his master's degree from Western New Mexico University. Later Saint Joseph's would name him as one of their most notable alumni. He currently resides in Saint Augustine, Florida with his wife Laura and their two adopted daughters, Kasenia and Meliza.

Writing career[edit]

Turlington‘s first book, called "Sakhalin to Santa",[2] is about adopting a child from Russia. He was inspired to write the book after he was contracted to write the sound track for a short film of the same name produced by the International Adoption Contact Group in August 2007. The book was published by International Adoption Contact, LLC in August 2008. It is a descriptive tale of what it took to adopt his first daughter Kasenia from Sakhalin, Russia in 2005 and the tribulations many endure when adopting internationally.

After writing "Sakhalin to Santa", Turlington was contracted to write another book, "Guatemalan Fajitas",[3] which was published in November 2010 by BVC Press. "Guatemalan Fajitas" invites the reader to understand what Don and his family went through when adopting his second daughter Meliza from Guatemala in 2008.

His third book, and first work of fiction, is called “The Passage Fairies”. This book was inspired by some of the experiences of his daughter, Kasenia, when she first moved to the United States from Russia. After it was self-published in November 2010, Turlington was commissioned to create a series around the book.


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