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Here's to never topping this meter off :D from Horatii/Dbraceyrules.  Its a start. :D from --Merovingian {T C @}. Woo, another!

Name's Jason. I consider myself a dirty, Godless, flag burning, baby eating liberal! (rawr!) I'm also a wannabe writer, wanting to write science fiction and steampunk, but planning on writing thrillers for the time being.

I believe in progressivism, especially techno-progressivism. I think every student in school should be provided with a laptop, for free. I also believe that Dial-up access is the tool of the devil and should be declared obsolete and broadband made the default standard and provided at a reasonable price.

I also have an interest in history, no specific time period. My favorite empire is the Ottoman Empire which, despite its flaws, it has a rich historical and cultural tapestry.



Adding pictures to the various Star Wars articles that need them. Working on said articles too. I'm also planning on adding images on articles about old US Navy ships. I'm starting with gunboats and working on up. Moving onto Steamships. Currently fixing all those redirects from Second World War to World War II.

Major work done on

Pages I've created (aside from redirects)

List of ancient Jedi | List of Mandalorians | Blue Eagle (comics) | General Vaklu | Thanagar | Eugen Huber | Dylan Hunt (Andromeda) (well, I moved the info from an article about different Dylan Hunts, but still...) | Vuldarians | Dane Whitman | Dakara | How I Met Your Mother | List of New Order Jedi characters | Great War (disambiguation) | William Adama | The Independent Faction | Karl Agathon | Omar Ben al-Khatib Warriors | Jack B. Quick | Speed Demon (Amalgam Comics) | Manitou Raven | Black site | Timothy Hunter | Blazing Skull | List of wars involving England | Weird War Tales | Order of George I | White River War | John C. Butler class destroyer escort | Red Dawn | Military Police Corps | Ordnance Corps | Radioactive Man (Marvel Comics) | Michael Lark | Jill Carroll | Undeclared war | Abram Duryée | Holy Terror, Batman! | Fatman the Human Flying Saucer | MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf | Spartan (comics) | The Battle of Shaker Heights | Union (comics) | 1864 Democratic National Convention | Triton (comics) | Ace Combat Zero trivia | Eugen Levine | Joe Ekins | Every Vote Counts Amendment | Satveer Chaudhary | Operation Blue Bat


Category:Blank Label Comics | Category:Battlestar Galactica characters | Category:Image Comics stubs | Category:Punisher titles | Category:History Channel programmes | Category:American Civil War rifles | Category:Venus in fiction | Category:United Nations people


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Other things

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