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I've been a fairly active contributor on wikipedia for a long time now, under various IPs and sometimes usernames; until I decided to settle on this one username, Krsont. I have a vague sense it means something like "shining one" or somesuch.

My interests and areas of not-really-expert-ise include: Historical linguistics, Comparative religion, Hinduism, Neopaganism.

I have a few pet hates on wikipedia:

first and foremost, all pronunciation guides should be in the International Phonetic Alphabet. If I see any more stuff like "pro-NOWNS" I will scream (literally; this has happened several times). And then I will replace it with IPA.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that not everyone has the time or inclination to learn an alphabet that has symbols for every single sound used in spoken human language! Shocking, I know. So to help these people, who also might want to use an encyclopedia, I therefore pledge to keep/improve previous transcriptions based on English orthography along with adding IPA transcriptions.

I can live with the fact that Georgia is a disambig page, but it is very annoying. I know there's some other place called Georgia, but it's not nearly as interesting as the country is.

I've noticed that a few times I have edited a page immediately after it was vandalised, but not noticed the vandalisation, or thought that I had reverted a vandalisation but then found that my revert was incomplete, or that I had infact mistakenly reverted from a good version to a vandalised one. I apologize profusely and will attempt to be more vandal observant in future.

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Some out of context quotes that amused me:

from Fig wasp:

the crunchy bits in the fruit contain both seeds and wasps.

from Ellen Feiss:

in her own words, it "was, like, beep beep beep beep beebeebeebeep"

from War of Jenkins' Ear:

in 1738 Jenkins exhibited his pickled ear to the House of Commons.

from Death by Chocolate:

This article is about the dessert. For chocolate poisoning, see theobromine poisoning.

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