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I`ve been a listener to Radio Caroline since discovering the station as a schoolkid in the late 70s. I like the music Caroline plays - a range of quality rock album tracks, I like the style of Caroline`s presenters, they speak to you like friends on a one-to-one basis, without superficiality. Free of the banality of most music radio, with it`s repetitive "Hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s and the Best from Today", daft jokes and woffle. In comparison to that, Caroline is a breath of fresh air.

Even though we now have more electronic media than we know what to do with: digital radio, digital television, internet, broadband, cable, satellite, mp3s, ipods, and who knows what else to come, Radio Caroline is still as important as ever on the media scene. The bulk of this over-supply of old and new media is already in the hands of the bland media conglomerates with their "corporate mission statements", marketing niches, expected quarterly results and the corporate bullshit of 21st century capitalism.

Despite all this, Caroline stands alone as a voice of quality music, sanity and freedom from the system. Long may she remain!

I launched the Radio Caroline listing on Wikipedia in 2003 when I found out that there was no entry for this world-famous radio phenomenon.

It`s my small tribute to the world`s greatest radio station and a way of saying Thank You for many years of great radio listening in the past - and in the future.

Caroline continues!