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This is a list of fictional locations in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These include dungeons, special labyrinths in which Link must solve puzzles, fight monsters, and defeat a boss-monster, as well as general regions such as Hyrule Field.

Death Mountain[edit]

This immense mountain houses the Goron City, the Dodongo's Cavern, the Fire Temple, and a Great Fairy's Fountain near the summit. At it's base is Kakariko Village, a small town. Due to its volcanic nature, rock-showers are common. The area is rich in Bomb Flowers, a special crop of the Gorons. Red Tektites, insectoid creatures with one eye, are also common here.

Goron City[edit]

Goron City is located inside Death Mountain, and can be accessed by climbing the Death Mountain Trail from Kakariko Village. The city is home to many Gorons, ruled by their chief, Darunia. It also contains a few shops, a giant spinning vase, the display platform for the Goron Ruby and a secret portal to the Lost Woods.

Dodongo's Cavern[edit]

Dodongo's Cavern is the main source of food - minerals and rocks - for Gorons. It is also home to Dodongos and other lizard-like beasts. Ganondorf sealed the entrance with a boulder, increased the number of Dodongos and summoned up King Dodongo in an attempt to weaken the Gorons and overpower them to gain control of the Goron's Ruby.

Fire Temple[edit]

The Fire Temple is the second temple that Link purifies, and it is where the Gorons pay homage to the fire spirits. It is located inside Death Mountain Crater, which can be accessed from Darunia's chamber in Goron City, or from the summit. Due to the intense heat in the active crater, Link can only remain in the area for a short time, unless he wears the Goron Tunic. The Fire Temple was built as two large, five-floor columns connected by a series of hallways. The first floor of the temple is essentially a large lava pit containing the boss's lair. It is suggested from its columnar structure and the location of its entrance that the temple extends into the twin peaks visible inside the crater. The vertical shafts in the center of these columns are vents for the lava pits at the bottom, and due to their height it is possible for Link to fall several stories down them.

The original music contained chanting that sounded vaguely Islamic. Nintendo was forced to change this theme and replace the chants with groans taken from the background music of the Shadow Temple.[citation needed]

Gerudo Valley[edit]

Gerudo Valley lies to the west of Hyrule Field, and is divided by a canyon, at the bottom of which is a river feeding into Lake Hylia. A bridge crosses the gap, though it has been destroyed by the time Link reaches adulthood. It can be repaired if Link rescues a few nearby carpenters from the Gerudo.

Gerudo Fortress[edit]

The Gerudo Fortress lies between Gerudo Valley and the Haunted Wasteland, and is the headquarters for the Gerudo Tribe, who guard it at all times. The area includes the Gerudo Training Ground and an archery range, which the Gerudo use to train as thieves.

Haunted Wasteland[edit]

The Haunted Wasteland is the desert west of the Gerudo Valley. True to its name, the area is haunted, and Link cannot cross it without passing two challenges —- the "River of Sand" and the "Spirit Guide". Link can use the Longshot or Hover Boots to cross the swiftly flowing "River of Sand". However, the Spirit Guide requires supernatural help to pass —- specifically, a friendly Poe. This Poe, visible only with the Lens of Truth, will lead Link along the only safe path to the Desert Colossus to get to the other side or risk being swallowed by the river. Alternatively, the Hover Boots can be used to walk across it. The wasteland is also home to a merchant who sells Bombchus, as well as an abandoned brick shelter.

Desert Colossus[edit]

The Desert Colossus is a gigantic stone relief of a naga-like sand goddess that houses the Spirit Temple, Ganondorf's old hideout. It resides in a calmer area of the Haunted Wasteland, and the area is also home to an oasis and a Great Fairy's Fountain hidden behind a cracked wall. Leevers, dangerous Graboid-like enemies, constantly roam the area.

Spirit Temple[edit]

The Spirit Temple lies within the Desert Colossus to the west of the Haunted Wasteland, and is dedicated to the sand goddess the statue within depicts. The temple is partially divided into two portions —- one accessible only when Link is a child and the other only when he is an adult. It was built by the Gerudos, and is said to hold a vast amount of treasure and secrets. It was once Ganondorf's hideout before he took over Hyrule Castle.

Hyrule Castle[edit]

Hyrule Castle is a monarchical castle lying north of Hyrule Field, and is the center of many of the game's events. It appears as a cross between a motte-and-bailey and concentric castle, with the moat and outer walls surrounding Hyrule Castle Market, the Temple of Time, and the royalty's inner castle, which stands on a meadowed plateau. The inner castle itself is surrounded by a small moat, and contains extensive gardens. Both the outer and inner castle's use drawbridges at their gates.

Hyrule Castle Market[edit]

This town is located inside Hyrule Castle, but south of the royalty's residence. It consists of a market square, with a few shops and arcades, connected to a cobbled alleyway, where most of the housing is. During Link's adulthood, the marketplace is a desolate ruin patrolled by ReDeads. To the town's east is the Temple of Time.

Temple of Time[edit]

The Temple of Time is the resting place of the Master Sword and the gateway to the Sacred Realm. These are hidden behind the Door of Time, which can only be opened by placing the three Spiritual Stones (the Kokiri's Emerald, the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora's Sapphire) on the Altar of Time, and playing the Song of Time upon the Ocarina of Time.

Light Temple[edit]

The Light Temple resides in the Sacred Realm, and contains the Chamber of Sages, where Link and the Sages meet. This is where the Sages give Link the Medallions, symbols of their power.

Ganon's Castle[edit]

This castle floats above a lake of lava where the royalty's residence once stood, and was built when Ganondorf took over Hyrule. It consists of an inner citadel surrounded by six radial halls, each of which imitates one of the six Temples of Hyrule. At its top is Ganondorf's chamber, where Link first defeats him —- after this, the Castle collapses, and Link fights the revived Ganondorf, now in a bestial form, upon its ruins.

Hyrule Field[edit]

Hyrule Field is the large expanse of grassland in the very center of Hyrule. Most of the other areas of the game are accessible from Hyrule Field. To the north is Hyrule Castle, to the west, Gerudo Valley, to the northeast, Kakariko Village, to the east, Zora's Domain, to the southeast, the Lost Woods, and to the south, Lake Hylia. Zora's River flows around most of the perimeter of Hyrule Field. There is little of interest in the field itself besides Lon Lon Ranch at its center. During Link's childhood, Peahats and Stalchildren roam the field, while during his adulthood, only Poes and Big Poes haunt its expanse.

Lon Lon Ranch[edit]

Lon Lon Ranch is a horse and cattle ranch owned and run by Talon. Talon's daughter Malon and his farmhand Ingo also reside here. After Link becomes an adult, he finds that Ganondorf has taken the ranch and given it to the cruel Ingo. In order to save the ranch, Link must beat Ingo in horse-racing using Epona, after which Ingo will come to his senses and give back the ranch.

Kakariko Village[edit]

Kakariko is a peaceful village at the base of Death Mountain that is under Impa's protection. It contains a Windmill above a small cliff, a potion shop, and several homes, the most important of which is the House of Skulltula. Hyrule's main graveyard lies behind the village, and a sealed-off, haunted well lies in its center. Kakariko is also the place that the refugees from Hyrule Castle flee to, and many of the castle's shops are rebuilt there. After Link purifies the Forest, Fire, and Water Temples, the demon Bongo Bongo escapes the well and terrorizes the village, eventually fleeing to the Shadow Temple.


The Graveyard is watched over by Dampé, who lives in a small shack on its edge. The Royal Family's Tomb is also kept here, and the Sun's Song is engraved on its walls. The Shadow Temple lies under the Graveyard, but its only entrance lies behind a fenced-off cliff at the Graveyard's rear.

House of Skulltula[edit]

In Kakariko Village, there is a house in which live humans cursed to be Skulltulas. To break the curse Link must retrieve tokens left by Golden Skulltulas.

? (Windmill and Dampé's Tomb)[edit]

The gravekeeper Dampé dies before Link becomes an adult, but his ghost can be visited in his own labyrinthine tomb. This tomb connects to Kakariko's windmill, which is operated by an unnamed[1] phonograph player. He teaches Link the song he is playing, the Song of Storms, which Link can play to speed up the windmill and drain the village well.

"Well of Three Features"[edit]

The "Well of Three Features", "(Dark! Narrow! Scary!)" is a well situated in the center of Kakariko Village, and houses the entrance to a minor dungeon that once imprisoned the demon Bongo-Bongo, the Bottom of the Well. The dungeon is of a dark, tomb-like horror theme, infested with many of the related staple series enemies, such as ReDead, Keese and Skulltula. It is only accessible in Link's childhood, and is sealed up when he is an adult.

Shadow Temple[edit]

The Shadow Temple, described as "the house of the dead", is dedicated to the spirits of the dead and the history of Hyrule's bloodshed. Its entrance lies at the far end of Kakariko Graveyard, and is inaccessible for most people. Like most other dungeons in the game, it is labyrinthine in structure, but it is built around a large, bridged abyss, and a ghostly river and port. It is haunted by many of the same revenants that reside in the Bottom of the Well.

Lake Hylia[edit]

Lake Hylia is the large lake located in southern Hyrule. It includes the Water Temple, the Lakeside Laboratory, a fishing pond, and a small furrowed field containing living scarecrows. The Water Temple is built into the central island, which is connected to the shore by bridges. An underwater tunnel feeds into Lake Hylia straight from Zora's Domain, allowing quick transport for Zoras. After Link becomes an adult, but before he purifies the Water Temple, the lake is drained, though rain falls constantly over the central island. Water-skimming Blue Tektites live on the lake waters.

Water Temple[edit]

The Water Temple is the third temple that Link purifies, and it is where the Zoras pay homage to the water spirits. It is located beneath the waters of Lake Hylia at the base of the lake's central island. The Water Temple consists of a maze of passages surrounding a central shaft, and contains mechanisms for changing its water level.

Lost Woods[edit]

The Lost Woods is a maze-like forest that contains the Kokiri Forest, the Sacred Forest Meadow, and the Forest Temple. It is so-named because its lack of landmarks and general sameness make it hard for travelers to keep their way. The first time Link must pass through the woods, he is guided by the sound of Saria's Song. After that, the player must rely on their own memory to stay on track.

Kokiri Forest[edit]

The Kokiri Forest is a village inside of the Lost Woods. It is inhabited by the Kokiri, their Fairies, and their guardian, the Great Deku Tree. Kokiri Forest contains the houses of Link, Saria, Mido, the Twins, and the Know-It-All Brothers, the village shop, and the training area. After Link becomes an adult, but before he purifies the Forest Temple, the area is overrun with Deku Baba, and the inhabitants hide indoors.

Sacred Forest Meadow[edit]

The Sacred Forest Meadow is a maze of hedges that hide the entrance to the Forest Temple, and is the favorite haunt of Saria. In Link's childhood, the maze is infested with Deku Scrubs, and in his adulthood, Moblins guard its corridors.

Inside The Great Deku Tree[edit]

The Great Deku Tree stands deep within the Kokiri Forest and is the guardian spirit of the forest and the protector of the Kokiri. He was cursed by Ganondorf with a parasitic creature named Gohma, after the Deku Tree refused to relinquish the Kokiri's Emerald to him. This parasite and its spawn ate the Deku Tree from the inside, and though Link travails the trees innards in an attempt to save it, the Deku Tree reveals that it was doomed from the start, and dies.

Forest Temple[edit]

The Forest Temple is the first temple that Link purifies, and it is where the Kokiri pay homage to the forest spirits. It is located deep in the Lost Woods, at the end of the Sacred Forest Meadow. The Forest Temple was built as a fortress-keep containing two jutting halls and a central courtyard, but it differs from others in that the forest has entwined itself with the temple. The two main halls can contort and twist, allowing the rooms beyond them to be arranged in different orientations. The four Poe Sisters, Joelle, Beth, Amy, and Meg, haunt the temple's numerous paintings.

Zora's River[edit]

Zora's River is a river running from Zora's Fountain to Lake Hylia. It flows through Zora's Domain, Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle Market and Gerudo Valley, before finally ending at Lake Hylia. The Magic Bean salesman sits near the upstream entrance of Zora's River when Link is a child. Octoroks are also a common sight along the river.

Zora's Domain[edit]

Zora's Domain is located in the eastern part of Hyrule, behind the Sleepless Waterfall at the source of Zora's River. Since the Zora who dwell there are a secluded race, only those who know "Zelda's Lullaby," are granted entrance. However, Zora's Domain can also be accessed via portals within Lake Hylia and the Lost Woods. The domain itself is a rock shelter grotto formed within the cliffside and does not contain much aside from a throne room, an inner waterfall and a small shop. King Zora is its ruler, and with his permission Link can enter Zora's Fountain beyond his throne where Lord Jabu-Jabu, the Zoras' revered fish deity, resides. When Link is a child, Zora's Domain is filled with water and thriving with Zoras, but when he returns as an adult, it is frozen over and largely abandoned—only King Zora, trapped in Red Ice, and the shop merchant remain. The Ice Cavern is accessible through Zora's Fountain when Link is an adult.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly[edit]

Lord Jabu-Jabu swims within Zora's Fountain, and is the guardian spirit of the water and the protector of the Zora. It was cursed by Ganondorf with a parasitic creature named Barinade, after the Zora refused to hand over the Zora's Sapphire. This parasite and its spawn infected Jabu-Jabu, causing him to accidentally swallow Princess Ruto, and the Sapphire itself. Link braves the fish's innards and eleminates the infestation, saving Jabu-Jabu, Princess Ruto, and the Zora's Sapphire. In Link's adulthood, Zora's Fountain is frozen over, and Lord Jabu-Jabu is nowhere to be found.

Ice Cavern[edit]

The Ice Cavern is located at Zora's Fountain and accessible only as an adult by jumping across ice blocks. It is a minor dungeon that must be completed before finishing the Water Temple, and it is guarded by the White Wolfos. After the White Wolfos is defeated, Link is granted the Iron Boots, and Sheik appears to teach him the "Serenade of Water". The dungeon also contains an unlimited supply of Blue Fire.

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  1. ^ In Majora's Mask, an identical character is named "Guru-Guru".