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Maybe it's true, the oldest joke in the world was found written in the papyrus four millenia ago, it said 'How to entertain a bored pharaoh; you sail a boatload of young, attractive girls wearing only nets down the Nile, and ask the pharaoh to catch fish.'

If Internet is among the modern Seven Wonders of the World, I recommend Wikipedia to be the Eighth.

Grudge of Chinese for the double standards of Western Media[edit]

The chinese delivered their discontentment for the biased coverage and comments from western media.They make a comparison of the media coverages the Ürümqi riots to those of September 11 attacks and 2005 civil unrest in France, the laters, mobs or attackers received unanimous condemns,while the media interest of Urumqi shifts from accusing Uygur mobs to Uygur attackers' humans rights.[1]

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