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I am partially active on Wikipedia, again … – February/March 2014

This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

Manipulations by New Kadampa Tradition Editors[edit]

Since the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) "Truth Team(s)" and/or some devoted NKT 'truth-followers' have become active at Wikipedia – this started two weeks before NKT set up a world wide media campaign against the Dalai Lama via their front group the Western Shugden Society in April 2008 – some of the related Wikipedia articles have been strongly manipulated by them and a huge amount of WP:Reliable Sources have been deleted or were misrepresented.

I see no hope and use to make further contributions. Because the NKT editors are obviously not interested or able to follow the WP Guidelines and act in a massive manner as self-supporting group (which included socket puppetry), and because there were almost no editors with knowledge of academic material with respect to NKT & Shugden willing to help, I gave up to contribute.

Some of the Wikipedia articles as they were before NKT members started to manipulate them can be found here:

Wikipedia Manipulations and WP:Reliable Sources[edit]

A very brief documentation of manipulations in Wikipedia (I could provide quite a long list) you find here:

Academic Research about Dorje Shugden / New Kadampa Tradition I summed here:

However, not only WP editors that are members of religious extremist groups, like the New Kadampa Tradition or the Western Shugden Society, are a problem for Wikipedia (remember, Scientology members have been banned in the past from editing the Scientology article) but also Chinese editors that manipulate Tibet related articles are a problem. For a brief intro see here:


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My edits started on 20th July, 2005. I retired in 2008 but made sometimes few edits or added templates and links here and there.

Some of the contributions are huge some are minor.

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