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This page is a sandbox devoted to Chinese studies only. Any text here does not represent in any way my expertise in the area.

Book of Odes - Shi Ching - brief info
Book of Documents - Shu Ching
Book of Changes - I Ching
Book of Rituals - Li ji
Annals of Spring and Autumn - Ch'un Ch'iu
Records of the Grand Historian - Shiji
Romance of Three Kingdoms - Sanguoyanyi
Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms - Sanguozhi
no consensus - Hanshu
no consensus - Hou Hanshu
Annals of Jin shu

PY-WG-English conversion

Jin dynasty = Chin dynasty
Shi = Shih
Nan Shi = Nan Shih
Bei Shi = Pei Shih
Shi liu guo chun qiu = Shih liu kuo ch'un ch'iu = Spring and Autumn Annals of the Sixteen Kingdoms = Chronicles of the Sixteen States