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Some Chinese quotes and poems embracing romantic love[edit]

1)問世間,情是何物?直教生死相許。 -- Yuan Haowen (1190-1257)


無 題 之 三
相 見 時 難 別 亦 難
東 風 無 力 百 花 殘
春 蠶 到 死 絲 方 盡
蠟 炬 成 灰 淚 始 乾
曉 鏡 但 愁 雲 鬢 改
夜 吟 應 覺 月 光 寒
蓬 萊 此 去 無 多 路
青 鳥 殷 勤 為 探 看

Li Shangyin

Time was long before I met her, but is longer since we parted,
And the east wind has arisen and a hundred flowers are gone,
And the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die
And every night the candles will weep their wicks away.
Mornings in her mirror she sees her hair-cloud changing,
Yet she dares the chill of moonlight with her evening song.
...It is not so very far to her Enchanted Mountain
O blue-birds, be listening!-Bring me what she says!

3) 兩情若是久長時,又豈在朝朝暮暮 -- Qin Guan (1049-1100)

Pinyin tones[edit]

1sttone 2ndtone 3rdtone 4thtone 5thtone
ā á ǎ à a
ē é ě è e
ī í ǐ ì i
ō ó ǒ ò o
ū ú ǔ ù u
ǖ ǘ ǚ ǜ ü

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