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I hereby award you the Template Barnstar, in recognition of all your hard work on succession boxes, and more specifically the templates of the s-start series. May you keep up the good work. Waltham, The Duke of 23:43, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

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The Yeoman Editor Medal was earned in the service of succession.

Darius Von Whaleyland is The Great Khan of the Barbarian Horde since 2001. He was born and currently lives in Felton, CA under the name Derek Whaley. Until April 2008, he worked under the Wikipedia account User:KuatofKDY but under the current signature.


The Great Khan is the son of the former Sergeant Heraldo von Whaleyland and his wife Kandala. His titles, however, pass from his maternal grandfather, Winniford, who died in August 2001.


Since his coronation (done after the three month period of mourning), he has achieved much. In San Diego, he studied for no less than four years history at Point Loma Nazarene University and an additional for a secondary-teaching credential. He then enrolled at San Diego Mesa College and studied Latin, French, and Physical anthropology. He obtained a Masters degree in Early Modern History at Swansea University in 2009. In the future, he hopes to use his credentials, degrees, and noble title to seek out the mysteries of the ancient world. However, that not being probable in the next decade, he plans more modest endeavors of which include writing his fictional history of Ireland during the Dark Ages, reading historical and science fiction books, charting the descents of various royal families, traveling the world, and the occasional barbarian invasion of some first world country (target...Canada).


The Great Khan has contributed much to the current make-up of Wikipedia, thanks in part to adapting the works of others to better means. This includes the entire succession box series now in use across Wikipedia. Seeing a problem in the last few years, he pushed the effort to standardize all succession lists in a format adapted from those already in use. This allowed the entire website to become more streamlined in design. He even created a Wikipedia: WikiProject Succession Box Standardization to organize it all. He also regularly updates these lists and now finds sources for those already in use. He often works also with lists of incumbents to make them look prettier.


Darius Von Whaleyland's full title is Darius X, 73rd Great Khan of the Illustrius Barbarian Horde, Duque San Lorenzo, Marquis de Feltón, Chief of the Zayante, Baron von Whaleyland, Lord Kennedy

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Darius von Whaleyland
House of Whaleyland
Born: 25 June 1983
Political offices
New creation Omnipotent Dictator of SBS
April 2006 – November 2007
Succeeded by
The Duke of Waltham
as Benevolent Dictator of SBS
Royal titles
Preceded by
Great Khan of the
Illustrious Barbarian Horde

2001 – present
Preceded by
Great Genealogist of the Whalians
2001 – present
Family information
House of Whaleyland
Heroldo Whaleyland
House of Norselord
House of Al-Keli
House of Hanover