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My updates focused around updating the Sphingidae and Saturniidae families of moths. This is because I had access to pictures of these moths. While I may not be an expert on the individual species, I've noticed that uploading and making a semi-complete list of species encourages other users to come in and flesh out the details. An example of this is the Cecropia moth. Plus I feel that it's best to have an image accompanying the description of a I'm just doing my part. If anyone has any questions/complaints (like if I am creating all my pages without something) feel free to tell me.

Actias luna female, raised by me
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For your amazing work on Sphingids and Saturniids over the years. AshLin (talk) 19:18, 13 November 2010 (UTC)

Pictures I have uploaded[edit]

I have currently have access to Texas A&M Insect Collection. Species in the collection and Lepidoptera I have raised comprise the majority of the pictures I have contributed to Wikipedia. Please click here to view the complete gallery.

Pages created[edit]

I have created over 250 pages, for a list of those click here.

Pages worked on extensively[edit]

"soon" to be:

Pages to be made[edit]

New page template; for anyone that wants to make any of the pages that I have yet to create.

Here are a few of my pictures: