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The following list introduces the characters of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha universe.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

Nanoha Takamachi[edit]

This sweet grade three student feels that, though she plays a good supporting role in others' lives, unlike the rest of her family and friends, she has no closest friend to turn to and no direction in her own life, which changes greatly after her meeting with Yūno. She's slightly dense and much too trusting, but has a tremendous insight.

Fate Testarossa[edit]

  • フェイト・テスタロッサ (Feito Tesutarossa) (Voice: Nana Mizuki)

A blonde haired, naive girl which was abused by her ruthless mother. Fate remained blindly and unquestioningly loyal to Precia and carries out her search for the Jewel Seeds. That search made her cross ways with Nanoha, causing her eventually to reveal her true self and be a kid. She is said to be quiet and reflective, and that she has extremly beautiful, lonely eyes.

Yūno Scrya[edit]

Yūno is a magic-user from the Midchilda, and is the same age as Nanoha. Despite his young age, he worked as an archaeologist and discovered a set of ancient and powerful artifacts (the magical term for this is Lost Logia) known as the Jewel Seeds. He is responsible and reliable, despite his young age.


Fate's outspoken dog-woman familiar. Her distaste of Precia is mutual, but she cannot do anything to protect Fate from her mother. Arf instead takes out her anger on her enemies. She is very kind to Fate and somewhat protective of her.

Time-Space Administration Bureau[edit]

Chrono Haraoun[edit]

Also known as Chrono Hallaoun. Chrono is a young officer of the Time-Space Administration Bureau, and wields the S2U, a storage device. His father is absent (revealed early in the second season to be dead) and he lives with his mother, Lindy.

Lindy Haraoun[edit]

  • リンディ・ハラオウン (Rindi Haraoun) (Voice: Aya Hisakawa)

Also known as Lindy Hallaoun. Lindy, the kind-spirited captain of the spaceship Asura (アースラ), works for the Time-Space Administration Bureau. She enjoys drinking green tea with sugar (and sometimes cream) added, which is ironic given her appreciation of Japanese culture.

Amy Limietta[edit]

  • エイミィ・リミエッタ (Eimyi Rimietta) (Voice: Yuki Matsuoka)

Amy also works on the Asura, and is a good friend to Chrono and Lindy. She is an officer cadet, often tasked with research and intelligence gathering, which are apparently her specialties.

Nanoha's Family[edit]

Kyōya Takamachi[edit]

Kyōya is set to be much older than he was in Triangle Heart. While he may not be a bodyguard for hire, his personality has remained unchanged since the original OVA. He is still an adept user of swords and very close to his sister Miyuki.

Miyuki Takamachi[edit]

Miyuki, like her brother, is also a lead character of Triangle Heart and is similarly proficient with swords. Though appearing a small number of times, it is evident that everything save her age and profession has been left unchanged from Triangle Heart..

Shirō Takamachi[edit]

Nanoha's father. He may have the magical aptitude like his youngest daughter. He owns and works at the Midori-ya (翠屋, Midori ya) cafe but also coaches a kid's soccer team. He used to be a bodyguard and almost lost his life in this line of work.

Momoko Takamachi[edit]

  • 高町 桃子 (Takamachi Momoko) (Voice: Erika Amano)

Nanoha's mother. She works at the Midori-ya cafe with her husband.


Precia Testarossa[edit]

  • プレシア・テスタロッサ (Pureshia Tesutarossa) (Voice: Rei Igarashi)

Precia is a madwoman and a fugitive in the Garden of Time. She instructs her daughter Fate to find the Jewel Seeds and beats her ruthlessly when she does not do enough to satisfy her. Precia desperately wants the Jewel Seeds to the point that she will not hesitate to remove any obstacles. She was kind and stable once upon a time, but any trace of that is long gone.

Alicia Testarossa[edit]

  • アリシア・テスタロッサ (Arishia Tesutarossa) (Voice: Nana Mizuki)

In all of Fate's memories of the past, before her mother went insane, her name was Alicia. Alicia is Precia's biological daughter. They lived a happy life until Alicia died at the age of eight, driving her mother insane. Precia preserved Alicia's body in a glass tank and dedicated her life to obtaining the Jewel Seeds, which could lead her to Al Hazard, the legendary place that could restore her daughter. Using Alicia's DNA, Precia created a clone called Fate to gather the jewels for her. Fate, implanted with Alicia's memories, was abused to no end by her "mother," but remained painfully loyal until the truth was discovered. In the end, Alicia's body fell into the volcano with Precia.

In the second season, the Book of Darkness draws Fate into a dream of what she has always wanted: a happy family life. Precia is sane, Alicia is Fate's older sister, and everything appears good. Alicia wishes that Fate could stay in the dream with her forever, but Fate sadly refuses, saying that her friends need her more right now. After Fate refuses, Alicia tells Fate that she wishes they were both together in reality and tells Fate to go back to her strong and gentle friends.

Alisa Bannings[edit]

  • アリサ・バニングス (Arisa Baningusu) (Voice: Rie Kugimiya)

Alisa is an outspoken, dog-loving Anglophone and multimillionaire heiress. She gets angry at Nanoha halfway through the series for keeping secrets from her friends. Alisa, as stated above, is a close friend and classmate of Nanoha, and Suzuka. She is a strong-willed person and seems to be the leader-like person in their circle of friends. Despite the fact, she cares deeply for all of her friends. When she has bursts of rage at not fully understanding what's going on, Suzuka is usually there to calm her down. Alisa is proficient with English and loves dogs, owning several at her large mansion.

Suzka Tsukimura[edit]

  • 月村 すずか (Tsukimura Suzuka) (Voice: Ai Shimizu)

Suzuka, Alisa's best friend, is similarly rich and owns a lot of cats. Her entire household, including domestic staff, has purple hair. Suzuka is much more soft-spoken than Alisa.

Suzuka is a grade three student in the same class as Nanoha and Alisa, and already sure what she wants to do with her life: continue on her family tradition of rich, successful engineers. She lives in a huge mansion with her maids Noel and Farin K. Ehrlichkeit, sister Shinobu and many cats, one of which is affected by a Jewel Seed. As a small child, she was bullied by the more aggressive Alisa, but Nanoha stood up to Alisa and the trio became friends. When Alisa strikes out at Nanoha and stops speaking to her because she can tell that Nanoha has been keeping secrets, Suzuka stays with Alisa and slowly but eventually changes the other girl's mind so they reconcile again.

In A's, Suzuka befriends Hayate Yagami when she helps the wheelchair-bound girl reach a library book. She greets transfer student Fate happily, as well as the return of cute "pet" Yūno, and continues in her complete ignorance of the magical situation until late in the series. Suzuka and Alisa are trapped in a magical barrier and bear witness to Nanoha and Fate's battle with Hayate possessed by the Book of Darkness. Later, Suzuka, along with the other civilian characters, are let in on the secrets of what Nanoha has been doing all this time.

In the A's epilogue, Suzuka still goes to school with Nanoha and Alisa and remains their close friend.

Shinobu Tsukimura[edit]

Shinobu is Suzuka's older sister and appears to be in the early stages of a relationship with Kyōya.

Noel K. Ehrlichkeit[edit]

  • ノエル・K・エーアリヒカイト (Noeru K Ēarihikaito) (Voice: Hyo-sei)

Noel is the head maid of the Tsukimura household. Noel appears in episode 4 as the main Tsukimura household maid. Nanoha looks up to her as a cool, older sister figure. Noel appears to be human rather than mechanical (Triangle Hearts' Noel), as she has a younger sister named Farin, who is Suzuka's personal maid.

In A's, besides working in Suzuka's household, Noel has even less of a role here.

Farin K. Ehrlichkeit[edit]

  • ファリン・K・エーアリヒカイト (Farin K Ēarihikaito) (Voice: Asuka Tanii)

Also called Falin. She is Noel's younger sister and Suzuka's personal maid.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's[edit]

In A's, most of the character for the prequal remains, with the addition of servral others, mainly Yagami Hayate.


Hayate Yagami[edit]

  • 八神 はやて (Yagami Hayate) (Voice: Kana Ueda)

Hayate, a sweet wheelchair-bound orphan, is under the care of the Wolkenritter, though they keep their battles from her; she knows that the completion of the Book of Darkness will grant her vast power, but does not want it at the expense of the lives of others. However, the Book of Darkness is feeding off her own life force, causing her paralysis, and will eventually kill her if it is not completed... Hayate becomes fast friends with Suzuka after she helps her around the library, which may cause trouble if their respective friends learn that they have been fighting each other.


Signum has a long pink ponytail and appears to be the oldest of the group. Lævatein (Levantine in the fansubs), her chain-link sword, is a powerful weapon that crosses Fate and Bardiche in every battle. Signum, unlike Vita, keeps calm at almost all times and, though she has a strong will to absorb her enemies' Linker Cores into the Book, Signum nonetheless respects their level of power and does not take them lightly. She has an extensive knowledge of how the mind works, which is probably what made her the group's leader, besides her strength.


Shamal, being Yūno's counterpart, does not actually fight, but uses her ring devices to defend, create portals, absorb victims' Linker Cores into the Book of Darkness, and the like. Shamal acts as the 'mother' of the group, doing the shopping, worrying excessively over the others' well-being, and constructing excuses to Hayate as to why they're out so often ("The grocery store doesn't have our brand of olive oil"). She knows that Hayate does not want them to fight anyone for her, but it is still no question that they must.


A hot-tempered young redhead with a complex about her rabbit hat. She begins to question why she doesn't remember the fates of her former masters. Always pitted against Nanoha in battles, she uses her mallet, Graf Eisen, to fight. Vita arrogantly refuses to call Nanoha by her real name, always inventing some variation, until she and Nanoha join forces in the final battle.


The Wolkenritter's familiar, a large grey wolf. He transforms into a muscular dark-skinned man, and in battles, always finds himself facing Arf.

Time-Space Administration Bureau[edit]

Gil Graham[edit]

  • ギル・グレアム (Giru Gureyamu)(Voice: Chou Katsumi)

Graham, as he is usually known, is an aging Englishman and one of the few Earth people with the magical aptitude. Alia and Lotte Liese, his twin catgirl familiars, are Chrono's teachers, and shower him with unwanted attention. Graham introduces himself to Nanoha, Fate and Chrono with one request: not to betray their friends...

Alia and Lotte Liese[edit]

  • リ-ズアリア・リ-ズロッテ (Riizuaria, Riizurotte)

Also translated as Aria and Lotte Lize or Lizaria and Liselotte, but whatever the case may be, Graham just calls them "Alia" and "Lotte". These twin catgirls are Gil Graham's faithful familiars and Chrono Haraoun's former teachers. They are very strong magically, and will jump to their master's defence no matter what.


Sachie Ishida[edit]

She is simply credited as Doctor Ishida (石田医師, Ishida Ishi) in the television episodes. She works at Uminari University Hospital and is in charge of neurology. She is a skilled doctor, both kind and strict as a person, and is in charge of Hayate. She is very concerned for her well-being.