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Xanadu: Hey was here. I just pulled this headline off a small budget Canadian short film (the name of which I can't remember) just because it sounds... mo lei tau.

My first mark on Wikipedia was made at 14:02 EST, Apr 7, 2004 when I first attempted to create an entry for my fictional country. Two separate votes for deletion well over a year later, Fyksland and Fyksian no longer exist officially in Wikipedia. But just like any other obsession, I am still making my mark on the pages of Wikipedia and I am as addicted as ever.

So whenever you come upon an article, don't forget to look for my time-stamped edit, saying: "Hey, I was here."

Work in Progress[edit]

"So, come up to the lab, and see... what's on the slab." - Dr. Frank N. Furter

Articles I've created:
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Photographic Contribution[edit]

These are my photographic works that I've decided to share with the Wikipedia community, and hence the world. Your acknowledgement or the use of disclaimer when using these images is neither mandatory nor enforceable but it would certainly be appreciated. See individual image for licensing info.

Pictures Awards and Recognition
Sydney Fireworks 2005.jpg Sydney New Year's Eve 2.jpg
230505 fireworks4.jpg
Hong Kong
Sai Wan War Cemetery 1.jpg Sai Wan Cemetery 3.jpg Hongkong cenotaph 2005.jpg
New Zealand
Auckland skyline (24045221962).jpg 20041204 gollum WLG.jpg
United States
The fountain of Bellagio.jpg Extraterrestrial-highway.jpg

Edited Articles[edit]

Edit Habits[edit]


  • How did you get your username?

This is a name I picked since I first got exposed to the Internet and IRC in 1997. Click to see what Kvasir really is.

  • Who are you really?

My other pseudonym in full anagram is Jon Schwinn-Wug Mage. I'll give you this much.

  • OK fine. Where are you from?

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I'm a multiple citizen of Canada, the Commonwealth and People's Republic of China with right of abode in Hong Kong.

  • Do you have a life?

I did put together this user page, didn't I?


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