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"And it's lend me ten pounds, I'll buy you a drink..."

  • For some information about what I do here, among other things, go here.
  • For the talk page, go here.
  • For my contribs, go here.
  • For the logs, go here and here.
  • For the bragsheet, go here.
  • For the other bragsheet, go here.
  • For the sandbox, go here.
  • For bits and pieces I want to reference or which I find interesting, go here.
  • For what I use as a welcome, go here.

Expect sporadic edits, with a chance of meatballs.

I'm a vaguely old-school admin that doesn't really know what's going on anymore. If I can nonetheless help you out, my door's always open and I'd love to talk to you.

"...and I often feel like a man who has forgotten not merely his hat, but his head."Xiongtalk