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Been reverted? Think I've made a mistake?[edit]

I patrol the recent changes for vandalism, in all its forms, to try to help keep Wikipedia the best that it can be, but like many users, I make mistakes.

  • If you think I have made a mistake, please let me know on my talk page.
  • Just because I revert an edit does not mean I sanction the existing contents.
  • Just because I revert an edit does not mean I disagree with the motive behind the original edit (unless pure vandalism; hatred; trolling)
  • If I revert it's only because I believe the edit was vandalism or not valid to the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia including being a neutral point of view and verifiable.

What I'm doing on Wikipedia[edit]

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Major Contributions[edit]

Many of these were drafts that had been created as basic stubs that required filling out. Inclusion criteria > 40-50% edits & content when accepted/worked on.

Pointless meaningless statistics[edit]

370,000+This user has made over 370,000+ edits.
Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.svgThis user is one of the 87 most active English Wikipedians of all time.
* numbers correct September 2022

My Username[edit]

It's a very old name from over two decades ago, and a drunken nights gaming... it stuck and I was known by it online when I created this account in 2006. Maybe I should have started a new account when I actually started editing, but I never expected to do more than a couple of edits.... oh well.

  • I was a Kylie fan and not someone called Kylie with a high regard for myself ;) so...
    • Kylie + Fantastic = KylieTastic

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