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Kia Ora.

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Here are some reminders I have set for me:

Great Barrier Island Expand: History/Current(political, societal, industrial, natural), Places of Interest, Pests/Flora/Fauna esp Huia, Notable families(?), Links(?), Add images(?), Ngati Wai(?)

Waitakere Ranges Expand: Pests/weeds, Size & Population, History

Haratonga Image: Link (Expand description of image as current incorrect and Haratonga article?)

SS Wiltshire article.

Westie Reference: 1st use? Misplace of Ewen Gilmour under Bogan, no ref to W Coast term of Bogan (chq NZ Dictionary)?

Awana, New Zealand, Kaitoke (or Medlands), Tryphena, Haratonga articles.

Oratia Could do with some pictures and more history

Wucking Furries (ex Grant 65)

Tui, et al

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