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Hi, my name is L.J. Brooks. I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, but I'm originally from Saskatchewan. I'm a retiree, having just retired after 31 (plus) years in the Canadian military. English is my native language, however, I have taken a basic Italian course and know just enough to make me dangerous :-).

Due to my time in the military I have at onetime or another have lived in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. I have also been stationed overseas in Italy (four years) and Cyprus (three different six month UN tours between 1975 and 1992). I have also traveled extensively across Canada and the U.S.; and have visited the following countries including Germany, England, Holland, Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, and Tunisia.

My hobbies include:

- Traveling,
- Nature photography,
- Hiking, and,
- Reading.

Some of my interests include:

- Political science,
- Military history,
- Historical aspects of the Bible, and
- the Old West.