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I entered the Wikimedia world on September 14, 2004, and I'm glad to be a part of the project.

I am an American liberal, atheist, and Discordian. If I act uncivilly or edit in a biased manner, please call me on it.

I graduated from Olin College in Needham, Massachusetts in 2008, with a bachelor's degree in engineering (with a concentration in computer engineering). I currently work as a software engineer at ITA Software in Cambridge (programming in Common Lisp, mostly), and I live in Somerville.

If there's something you'd like me to help with, please suggest it on my talk page. I'm less active in policy debates and mediation than I used to be, but I'm always willing to try to help people iron out the wrinkles in collaboration. If you want to know more detail about various policy matters, look here.


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Current goals[edit]

  • Write better edit summaries.
  • Contribute more.
  • Help mediate disputes.

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