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About Me
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I live in the Los Angeles area. Wikipedia interests include:

Nepal history and geography. I spent 2-1/2 years there as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I lived with two different families, one in Pokhara and one in Kathmandu while I was in Nepal. My post was in Pyuthan District, Rapti Zone where I maintained my own living quarters but was an honorary member of a third household which I visited several times a week. I believe I am well qualified to comment on differences between Hindu extended families and nuclear families in the West.

Western Massachusetts, particularly Pioneer Valley and the Hilltowns further west. I grew up in one of the hilltowns

Native trout and salmon of North America. I have fished for most species and sub-species found in the western U.S. and Canada.

Making the English version of Wikipedia more international by encouraging authors in other countries to submit material and helping them with English and Wikipedia conventions wherever necessary.

Wikipedia as a potentially dominant paradigm and medium for giving laypeople access to knowledge globally. Fulfilling the orginal 18th century vision of what an encyclopedia is.