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Hi there!
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I'm Luke, but on Wikipedia and most of the rest of the Internet I go by the handle lfaraone.[1] I'm an administrator on the English Wikipedia, and mostly focus on technology-related topics. I often work on various administrative backlogs, and am a member of the Wikimedia volunteer response team. I exist in the real world, see my affiliations / COI disclaimer.

I joined the project in 2004, but wasn't terribly active until several years later. I became an administrator in 2008, and was appointed as a functionary in early 2013. I was elected as a member of the Arbitration Committee for the 2014-2016 term.

If you want to chat about something, feel free to use my talkpage or Nuvola apps email.svg send me an email .

BarnstarsPGP key.

  1. ^ Due to technical restrictions, I went with the stylisation of LFaraone on Wikimedia projects.