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Update on Sept 2012[edit]

I have gone over the exams with quite satisfying results (thanks to Wikipedia), and therefore I am now a MBBS student in the University of Hong Kong. To catch up with the progress I may not be able to do much expansion edits as in the past, but I will do research for certain articles which I think desperately needs expansion, bits by bits, to try to improve them. I still check my email daily, and therefore able to respond to talks promptly. So please don't hesitate to tell me when you found an article (Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicine-related) that needs improvements, and I would be especially grateful if relevant information can be provided.

An example for a series of articles that I think are severely neglected (but are of very high importance) or even missing from Wikipedia are those about crown ethers and their thio- analogues. Unfortunately I can only find very limited information of their properties and chemistry. Therefore this is an example where I need help from the experts.

Old user page[edit]

I am a secondary student from Hong Kong, and I am graduating from my school La Salle College in 2012 June. I am facing the challenge of the changing system in public examination system in Hong Kong, so I hope that I can go over the obstacles and continue to contribute here during my University life!

Since I was young, I have already developed a great zeal for Science, especially Chemistry, therefore most of my editing are chemistry-related. Whenever I see or hear some new Chemicals or Pharmaceuticals, I would go to Wikipedia to search for the structure, therefore I would like to pay back what I benefited from this encyclopedia. Most of my classmates considered having a passion in Chemistry as absurd, and most of the students in my school dislike the subject. I understand the reason behind, Chemistry can be very abstract and boring on theoretical grounds, however, I believe that if one understands the elegance of interactions between atoms and molecules, everyone will enjoy the subject as I do. So I would try my best to make it interesting, and according to my experience in tutorial classes given to my fellow schoolmates, I found that with the real thing in hand, they enjoy the subject most. Therefore I would try to upload some photos of chemical reagents and reactions make it less abstract. See some of my uploads

I am also a graphic designer and visual effects producer, the software I use were Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3Ds Max, and Autodesk Maya. My skills were acquired by pure trial & error, and experimenting on my own. I was responsible for the animations and graphic in my school's Campus TV, if you would like have a look at some of my works, please don't hesitate to go to my school's Campus TV official site:

My public exams are coming, but I promise I would keep up the work and continue to contribute! Sharing and experimenting, that's the way to learn.