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L. Michael Roberts

L. Michael Roberts

L. Michael Roberts, is an author, consultant and inventor who holds patents in UV water purification technology and also has a number of patents pending in Magnetic Induction Lighting technology.

L. Michael Roberts was the pioneer of laser displays in Canada providing over 30 years of service to his clients. He originated laser clip-art and has won multiple awards for his laser animations. Michael is an editor and writer who has been published in The Laserist, Photonics Spectra, Laser Talk, Laser Effects, and other publications. L. Michael Roberts is the author of Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook, a 400+ page technical manual on laser displays which was published in the spring of 1996.
In 2006, his 30th year in the laser industry, L. Michael Roberts was awarded the prestigious ILDA Career Achievement Award for his pioneering work and service to the laser display industry. He is now semi-retired from the laser industry having taken a position as Director of Research for a Canadian R&D company.

Michael was President and Director of Research at Fibro Light Technologies where he conducted and managed research into UV water purification systems, VAWT, Magnetic Induction Lighting and other technology. Michael invented the world's first, direct immersion, UVC, induction lamp for use in liquid purification applications. In conjunction with his colleagues at Firbo LIght, he has patents and patents-pending in UVC technology, agricultural lighting, self-powered street lighting, and daylight-harvesting systems.
Fibro Light Technology Inc., ceased operations in February of 2009 when the founder of the holding company, of which Fibro Light was a division, died of cancer and the new management decided to liquidate the corporation.

Michael is presently the Chief Technology Officer of InduLux Technologies Inc, in Ontario, Canada. Michael is responsible for the development of advanced energy saving lighting fixtures and related Magnetic Induction Lighting technology. Michael presently has a number of patents-pending covering dual-level Induction Lighting; Induction Lighting based Daylight Harvesting systems; dedicated, sealed, Type II and III Induction lamps for street-lighting applications; directed beam-spread magnetic induction lighting fixtures; and hybrid Induction Lamp plant-growing systems. He is also interested in wind/solar energy, solar hot water heating, and other areas of renewable/sustainable technology.

In what little spare time Michael has, he is interested in computer technology, music (from classical/opera to dance/rave), travel, photography (you can visit his Flickr pages), reading, movies (especially science fiction), and cooking.