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NPOV disputes
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I have a variety of interests, ranging from theoretical mathematics to linguistics to emergency medicine. I am an American. Many of my edits are made when I come here to do research and notice mistakes. I also watch articles on a variety of subjects that happen to interest me or that I have edited in the past. I'm normally more active in the wintertime when my other obligations are less pressing.

If you want to know more about me, I invite you to look at my edit history and form your opinions from that

One of my major contributions to the wiki has been going through backlogged POV dispute tags. The vast majority of these tags were either inappropriately added or the dispute in question ended a long time ago. Unfortunately, new tags are currently being added at a higher rate than old tags are removed. If you want to help, just click here. Some general guidelines:

  • If talk contains no POV discussions, remove the tag.
  • If talk page contains POV discussions, but they seem to have been resolved by consensus, remove the tag.
  • If talk page contains unresolved POV discussions, but the discussions have not been updated for several years, remove the tag. If the article still has glaringly obvious problems, consider adding some other suitable tag.
  • When in doubt, cut the tag! In the event that someone actually still disputes the article, they will simply replace it.

If you feel that one of my tag removals was inappropriate, feel free to replace the tag. If you do, please also contribute to the article talk page explaining what still needs to be done before the tag may be removed. Otherwise expect a talk page message from me requesting clarification.

This task is not glamorous, but if the trend is not reversed the backlog will continue to grow indefinitely.

When I first began tackling this backlog 6 years ago the oldest unaddressed dispute tags were 4 years old. Today the backlog goes back 6 years. The trend is not entirely bad, however - the amount of new unresolved disputes per month has fallen from 200-300 to 120 on average. If the backlog can be completely cleared, addressing new disputes will be a manageable task for a team of 2-3 moderately active editors.

Please help!

Happy editing!