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Important People[edit]

Napoleon I
Emperor of the French
King of Italy
Mediator of the Swiss Confederation
Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine
Jacques-Louis David 017.jpg
Reign 20 March 1804 – 6 April 1814
1 March 1815 – 22 June 1815
Coronation 2 December 1804
Predecessor French Consulate (Executive of the French First Republic, with Napoleon as First Consul);
Previous ruling Monarch : Louis XVI as King of the French (died 1793)
Successor Louis XVIII (de facto)
Napoleon II (de jure)
Burial Les Invalides, Paris
Spouse Joséphine de Beauharnais
Marie Louise of Austria
Issue Napoleon II of France
Full name
Napoleon Bonaparte
Imperial House Bonaparte
Father Carlo Buonaparte
Mother Letizia Ramolino
Important People in History
Name: Country Life Span Place on List Reason
Napoleon France August 15th 1769 - May 5th 1821 Number One Nearly Conquered Europe
Tokugawa Ieyasu Japan January 31st 1543 - June 1st 1616 Number Two Unified Japan, established the system of Shoguns, which lasted 400 years.
Alexander the Great Greece and Macedonia June 20th 356 BC - June 10th or 11th 323 BC Number Three Conquered the Persian Empire.
Julius Caesar The Roman Empire and the Roman Republic July 13th 100 or 102 BC - March 15th 44 BC Number Four Created the Roman Empire
Sun Yatsen China November 12th 1866 - March 12th 1925 Number Five Often called the father of the nation (in Taiwan), and is an important figure in 20th century Chinese History
Ted Kennedy The United States February 22, 1932 - August 25, 2009 Number Six Was a major Democrat in the United States Senate, a driving force behind many bills.

A List of Great Battles:[edit]

The Battle of Lutzen[edit]

This battle is one of the most important battles, in the Thirty Years War. In this battle, King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden was killed by Catholic League forces.